Friday, July 9, 2010

Member Spotlight: Alexia Innis - first solo show at Manhattan Theatre Source

Heidi and Alexia invite you and yours to join them before the reception to see the current play, Billy Carver and the Children in the Mind, for only $10 matinee price!  Buy tickets HERE with code MM to secure your seat.

A delightful afternoon of theater, art, food and wine, and creative minds.

Hope to see you!

The OPTimistiks presents:

Billy Carver and the Children in Mind

Wednesdays through Saturdays 7th to 24th July at 8pm

with Saturday matinees at 2pm

Written and directed by the award-winning writer of 'Thoroughly Stupid Things', MontSerrat Mendez

Featuring: Armistead Johnson; Aimee Whelan; Jenny D Green; Lauren Roth; Monroe Robertson; Nathan Willis; Stuart Williams

Billy is the werewolfian brainchild of feted writer Joannie Roman Redd, but she thinks of ending it all when reviews for her latest book recommend she puts her stories on the big screen. A fast-paced farce ensues as her pack of hangers-on are horrified at the prospect of their livelihood being killed, but all that Joannie wants is a chance for true love. Will Tristan find his tart? Will Priscilla ever leave her BAFTA behind? Will Rick’s silver bullet do the trick? Will William ever get his words out? Will May make it on her own? Will Christopher leave his wife? And what’s the big deal with diaphanous?

Manhattan Theatre Source, 177 MacDougal Street, b/t W8/Waverly, W4 subway (W8 side)
212 260 4698

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