Saturday, January 18, 2014

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place - January 18th 2014

Dixon Place presents...

"Salon Lounge at Dixon Place"

a monthly showcase of performance/literature/film-video by women

an International Women Artists’ Salon series

Saturday, 18 January 2014 ~ Host: Nancy Faith Anello

Historical Woman Artist Honoree: Aphra Behn, 1640-1689 - playwright, poet, short novelist

Aphra Behn was a prolific dramatist of the English Restoration, one of the first English professional female literary writers. Along with Delarivier Manley and Eliza Haywood, she is sometimes referred to as part of "The fair triumvirate of wit."

Film: Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising

14 February, the actual day we will rise and dance for Justice. But we all know One Billion Rising for Justice is clearly not just a day. It is a campaign, a strategy, a determination, a new energy. It is months of preparation, investigation, and collaboration. It is the careful, conscious work of building a coalition, inviting new activists, and acknowledging those who have been on the frontlines for years. It is envisioning and writing new laws and legislation. It is breaking the silence, releasing our stories, naming and identifying injustices, creating demands, organizing forums and panels and events, as well as writing songs and poems and plays, and making videos. It is identifying the places where we will rise. It is learning about our sisters’ struggles around the world and making them our own. It is bringing the most marginalized to the front. It is the grassroots leading the way. It is men joining and standing with us. It is acknowledging the places of intersection. It is a decision, a vision of the world where the bodies of women and the body of our mother earth are honored and cherished and safe and held sacred. It is trust. It is expanding our identities and wounds to include the others. It is a fierce refusal to undermine or attack or diminish, but to take the time to find the language to express our grievances and frustrations, with the belief that each one of us in this struggle is on a path of evolution and revolution, wounded, broken, and doing our best. It is a wild energy that says Yes. Freedom is possible. Unity is Possible. Everything is possible. It is a Rising – dissolving borders, edges, separations. It is love, an unstoppable wave of love and justice.

Let’s Rise and not stop Rising. Let’s blow the lid off the old story and Dance into the new one.

Rise, Release, Dance for Justice!

Theater: Lucie Pohl

Cry Me A Liver

Cry Me A Liver is actress and comedian Lucie Pohl's newest character exploration and examines the lives of a group of diverse minds who all love to drink.

Lucie Pohl is a German-born actress and comedian. Her first solo show “Hi, Hitler” was featured in the 2013 Women at Work Festival, the 2013 Emerging Artist Theater One Woman Standing Festival, and the 2013 Dixon Place Mainstage Series. She has starred in over 20 Film and TV productions internationally. US Film credits include: Not Fade Away (Paramount Vantage / David Chase), El Cielo Es Azul (Vox3 Films, Andrew Fierberg), Must Love Death (Winner NY Horror Film Festival). NY Theater: Three Graces (3-LD / Immigrant’s Theater Project), Red Flowers in the Snow (Roy Arias), Red Noir (The Living Theater).

Literature: Jane Hoppen

Excerpts from debut novel, In Between

You will meet Sophie, a 14 year old who was born as an intersexual in the early 1960s, and sexually reassigned into as much of a female as possible. In this scene, Sophie learns the truth of how she was born and what was done to her.

Jane Hoppen has worked as both a technical and creative writer for more than two decades. Her fiction has been published in various magazines, including Story Quarterly, Western Humanities Review, The Dirty Goat, PANK, Feminist Studies, and Gertrude Journal. Her debut novel, In Between, was released December 2013.

Music: Olivine

Selections from new album, “Bright Eyes”

I've been working on a new and my first album "bright eyes" for a couple of months now. Bright Eyes is an acoustic album written and played by myself.

Deanna Probst- soloist born and currently resides in Queens, New York. New to performance at the age of 18. Plans to get a degree in audio recording. Acoustic guitarist, vocalist, and song writer.

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