Saturday, December 21, 2013

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place - December 21st 2013

Dixon Place presents...

"Salon Lounge at Dixon Place"

a monthly showcase of performance/literature/film-video by women

an International Women Artists’ Salon series

Saturday, 21 December 2013  ~ Host: April Ranger

Host: April Ranger

April Ranger’s first full-length play, Streetsweepers, was the recipient of the Nicole DuFresne playwriting award. Her poems have appeared in Muzzle Magazine, apt, and Off the Coast. As a performance poet, April has toured extensively across the United States. She grew up in rural Maine and currently lives in Brooklyn.   She is a Salon Lounge at Dixon Place alumna.

Historical Woman Artist Honoree: Viola Spolin

Internationally recognized originator of Theater Games – the basis of improvisational theater

Video:  Kera MacKenzie, in collaboration with Andrew Mausert-Mooney
MUCK MUCK \/ MONICA PANZARINO an excerpt from one of a series of live tele-vision performances

Borrowing trademarks from live-cam porn (the [intimate] close-up) and structuralist film art (the long shot track-in) MUCK MUCK \/ MONICA PANZARINO is the only inter-species holiday love battle you'll need to stuff your stocking this year.
To watch the entire piece, please visit

Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney live and work in Chicago. They make live performative tele-vision featuring collaborations with performers, musicians, and other artists including Danny Giles and Monica Panzarino, two interdisciplinary artists interested in race and gender constructs.

Theater:  Ege Maltepe
SPOLIN-IST presents an introduction of the grandmother of Improvisation Viola Spolin and her Theater Games

SPOLIN-IST, the playground of Spolin Improvisation, founded in 2009 by actress Ege Maltepe, and pianist Emir Gamsizoglu. After Ege graduated from the New Actors Workshop, an acting school founded by director Mike Nichols, George Morrison and Viola Spolin’s son Paul Sills, she decided to bring this genius woman’s work to her home country, Turkey. Now in its 4th year, SPOLIN-IST is getting ready to gather a performance group with its alumni. Here, in New York Maltepe collaborates with Presence-Impact, running improvisation workshops for businesses. In 2014 she will start a series of Spolin Improvisation classes in NYC.

Ege Maltepe is a theatre artist and performer from Istanbul, currently living in New York City. She came to NY on a Fulbright scholarship and received her MA in Acting as a student of Mike Nichols. Right after her graduation she founded SPOLIN-IST in her home country. In New York she’s known with her plays TEA for 3 and her one woman show in which she plays a Turkish professor researching the social importance of female breasts; TITS by Prof G, as well as the performance pieces she creates about classical music with her pianist & composer husband, under the name of CLASSICAL 4 ALL. and

Literature: Olivia Wu
Olivia’s Poems

Olivia Wu, a poet born and raised in Shanghai. She has spent the last 15 years living in Manhattan soaking up cultural elements from all corners of the world.   Her poetic sensibility has been influenced by Chinese poems of the Tang Dynasty, European Romanticism pieces by Percy Shelley and Enlightenment period poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

Music:  Emilia Diakopoulou, accompanied by Kiyoko Yamaoka
“In Quelle Trine Morbide”, aria from Act II of the Italian opera Manon Lescaut by Giacomo Puccini, Libretto: Marco Praga

Emilia Diakopoulou is a Greek opera singer with a Lyric-Spinto Soprano voice. She started her vocal training at the age of 19 and completed her opera studies at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan, Italy.  She had her operatic debut at the age of 22,  in the role of First Witch at the opera "Dido and Aeneas" by H. Purcell. As a concert soloist Emilia has appeared in Italy, Germany and Greece as well as in NYC, featured in a wide repertoire of roles from the Romantic and Contemporary music. She recently won a scholarship from the Altamura International Voice Academy.

Kiyoko Yamaoka was born in Japan. She graduated from Berklee College of Music and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Composition.   She has performed at Jazz Clubs, and has been a music director of Spirit of Jesus Church.   She has been teaching piano at the Harbor Conservatory for the Performing Arts and working as a music librarian for the World famous Duke Ellington Orchestra.

International Women Artists’ Salon is a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural global organization of women making art in the world today.    

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Thank you to Dixon Place and staff, Maggie Cousins (logo),
and tonight’s stage manager Teresa Register and archivist JiYe Kim

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fundraiser by Salonista writer Felicia Lin for project, Making History: The Story of Su Beng


International Women Artists' Salon is honored to announce Salonista writer Felicia Lin's fundraiser, Making History: The Story of Su Beng Crowdfunding Campaign. Closing in on goal of $15,000 by December 25th. Help make this story be preserved in the history annals.

Making History: The Story of Su Beng Crowdfunding Campaign Crowdfunding Campaign on IndieGogo.

October 26, 2013-December 25, 2013

A message from Felicia to you...

On October 26 I launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to complete the biography and short documentary of Su Beng, who is a nongenarian lifelong Taiwan independence activist, historian and would be assassin of Chiang Kai-shek. Su is a controversial, complex character, much like Malcolm X or Nelson Mandela. Su Beng's life is the story of the struggle of the people of Taiwan. It is about the fight for social justice for the people of Taiwan and the story of Taiwan’s transition from dictatorship to democracy. As Su Beng turns 95 this year, I have felt a greater sense of urgency to complete his biography.

My goal is to raise $15,000 to cover the expenses for me to spend 3 months in Taipei to:

1) Do the additional research needed to complete the book

2) Produce a short documentary about the life of Su Beng

Please support it by making a contribution on indiegogo at:

Here's how you can help get this project funded:

1) WATCH my crowdfunding video here:

2) SHARE and spread the word about this (I've included a written description below which you can cut, paste and share with other by email)

3) CONNECT me with an organization/business/individual who will be able to contribute to my campaign

4) MAKE a personal contribution or in-kind donation. I will need a place to stay during my 3 month stay in Taipei. So any referrals for low cost housing or sponsorship of housing would be most helpful. For in-kind donations email Felicia at:

*Making History: The Story of Su Beng crowdfunding campaign ENDS December 25, 2013*


FELICIA LIN “discovered” Su Beng in 2003 after reading an article written by him that had been translated and published in the Taipei Times newspaper. She was intrigued to learn that he was a lifelong Taiwan independence activist who had spent seven years in China working with the Chinese Communists, tried to assassinate Chiang Kai-shek, and written TAIWAN’S 400 YEAR HISTORY.

In early 2004 Felicia contacted Su Beng, asking to interview him to write a novel based on his life. After six months of interviews and conversations with Su Beng, she decided to change course by collaborating with him to write his biography in English.

While living in Taiwan from 2001-2007, Felicia taught English as a second language at a college and university in Kaohsiung.

Now living in Manhattan, she and Su Beng continue to communicate via Skype. She plans to return to Taiwan to complete her research on Su Beng’s biography.

Felicia has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and a master’s degree in Applied Psychology from New York University. She currently hosts the Talking Taiwan podcast, which is an audio magazine about interesting people connected to Taiwan and what they are doing

Making History: The Story of Su Beng crowdfunding campaign:

Felicia's website about Su Beng:

Felicia's email address:

The Story of Su Beng YouTube channel: