Saturday, December 21, 2013

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place - December 21st 2013

Dixon Place presents...

"Salon Lounge at Dixon Place"

a monthly showcase of performance/literature/film-video by women

an International Women Artists’ Salon series

Saturday, 21 December 2013  ~ Host: April Ranger

Host: April Ranger

April Ranger’s first full-length play, Streetsweepers, was the recipient of the Nicole DuFresne playwriting award. Her poems have appeared in Muzzle Magazine, apt, and Off the Coast. As a performance poet, April has toured extensively across the United States. She grew up in rural Maine and currently lives in Brooklyn.   She is a Salon Lounge at Dixon Place alumna.

Historical Woman Artist Honoree: Viola Spolin

Internationally recognized originator of Theater Games – the basis of improvisational theater

Video:  Kera MacKenzie, in collaboration with Andrew Mausert-Mooney
MUCK MUCK \/ MONICA PANZARINO an excerpt from one of a series of live tele-vision performances

Borrowing trademarks from live-cam porn (the [intimate] close-up) and structuralist film art (the long shot track-in) MUCK MUCK \/ MONICA PANZARINO is the only inter-species holiday love battle you'll need to stuff your stocking this year.
To watch the entire piece, please visit

Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney live and work in Chicago. They make live performative tele-vision featuring collaborations with performers, musicians, and other artists including Danny Giles and Monica Panzarino, two interdisciplinary artists interested in race and gender constructs.

Theater:  Ege Maltepe
SPOLIN-IST presents an introduction of the grandmother of Improvisation Viola Spolin and her Theater Games

SPOLIN-IST, the playground of Spolin Improvisation, founded in 2009 by actress Ege Maltepe, and pianist Emir Gamsizoglu. After Ege graduated from the New Actors Workshop, an acting school founded by director Mike Nichols, George Morrison and Viola Spolin’s son Paul Sills, she decided to bring this genius woman’s work to her home country, Turkey. Now in its 4th year, SPOLIN-IST is getting ready to gather a performance group with its alumni. Here, in New York Maltepe collaborates with Presence-Impact, running improvisation workshops for businesses. In 2014 she will start a series of Spolin Improvisation classes in NYC.

Ege Maltepe is a theatre artist and performer from Istanbul, currently living in New York City. She came to NY on a Fulbright scholarship and received her MA in Acting as a student of Mike Nichols. Right after her graduation she founded SPOLIN-IST in her home country. In New York she’s known with her plays TEA for 3 and her one woman show in which she plays a Turkish professor researching the social importance of female breasts; TITS by Prof G, as well as the performance pieces she creates about classical music with her pianist & composer husband, under the name of CLASSICAL 4 ALL. and

Literature: Olivia Wu
Olivia’s Poems

Olivia Wu, a poet born and raised in Shanghai. She has spent the last 15 years living in Manhattan soaking up cultural elements from all corners of the world.   Her poetic sensibility has been influenced by Chinese poems of the Tang Dynasty, European Romanticism pieces by Percy Shelley and Enlightenment period poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

Music:  Emilia Diakopoulou, accompanied by Kiyoko Yamaoka
“In Quelle Trine Morbide”, aria from Act II of the Italian opera Manon Lescaut by Giacomo Puccini, Libretto: Marco Praga

Emilia Diakopoulou is a Greek opera singer with a Lyric-Spinto Soprano voice. She started her vocal training at the age of 19 and completed her opera studies at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan, Italy.  She had her operatic debut at the age of 22,  in the role of First Witch at the opera "Dido and Aeneas" by H. Purcell. As a concert soloist Emilia has appeared in Italy, Germany and Greece as well as in NYC, featured in a wide repertoire of roles from the Romantic and Contemporary music. She recently won a scholarship from the Altamura International Voice Academy.

Kiyoko Yamaoka was born in Japan. She graduated from Berklee College of Music and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Composition.   She has performed at Jazz Clubs, and has been a music director of Spirit of Jesus Church.   She has been teaching piano at the Harbor Conservatory for the Performing Arts and working as a music librarian for the World famous Duke Ellington Orchestra.

International Women Artists’ Salon is a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural global organization of women making art in the world today.    

Music+Dance+Video+Film+Comedy+Theater+Writing+Visual Arts+Fashion+Architecture+Design+et al.

Twitter: @womenartsalon            

Facebook Fan Page: International Women Artists’ Salon

For more information about membership, collaborations, sponsorships contact

Thank you to Dixon Place and staff, Maggie Cousins (logo),
and tonight’s stage manager Teresa Register and archivist JiYe Kim

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fundraiser by Salonista writer Felicia Lin for project, Making History: The Story of Su Beng


International Women Artists' Salon is honored to announce Salonista writer Felicia Lin's fundraiser, Making History: The Story of Su Beng Crowdfunding Campaign. Closing in on goal of $15,000 by December 25th. Help make this story be preserved in the history annals.

Making History: The Story of Su Beng Crowdfunding Campaign Crowdfunding Campaign on IndieGogo.

October 26, 2013-December 25, 2013

A message from Felicia to you...

On October 26 I launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to complete the biography and short documentary of Su Beng, who is a nongenarian lifelong Taiwan independence activist, historian and would be assassin of Chiang Kai-shek. Su is a controversial, complex character, much like Malcolm X or Nelson Mandela. Su Beng's life is the story of the struggle of the people of Taiwan. It is about the fight for social justice for the people of Taiwan and the story of Taiwan’s transition from dictatorship to democracy. As Su Beng turns 95 this year, I have felt a greater sense of urgency to complete his biography.

My goal is to raise $15,000 to cover the expenses for me to spend 3 months in Taipei to:

1) Do the additional research needed to complete the book

2) Produce a short documentary about the life of Su Beng

Please support it by making a contribution on indiegogo at:

Here's how you can help get this project funded:

1) WATCH my crowdfunding video here:

2) SHARE and spread the word about this (I've included a written description below which you can cut, paste and share with other by email)

3) CONNECT me with an organization/business/individual who will be able to contribute to my campaign

4) MAKE a personal contribution or in-kind donation. I will need a place to stay during my 3 month stay in Taipei. So any referrals for low cost housing or sponsorship of housing would be most helpful. For in-kind donations email Felicia at:

*Making History: The Story of Su Beng crowdfunding campaign ENDS December 25, 2013*


FELICIA LIN “discovered” Su Beng in 2003 after reading an article written by him that had been translated and published in the Taipei Times newspaper. She was intrigued to learn that he was a lifelong Taiwan independence activist who had spent seven years in China working with the Chinese Communists, tried to assassinate Chiang Kai-shek, and written TAIWAN’S 400 YEAR HISTORY.

In early 2004 Felicia contacted Su Beng, asking to interview him to write a novel based on his life. After six months of interviews and conversations with Su Beng, she decided to change course by collaborating with him to write his biography in English.

While living in Taiwan from 2001-2007, Felicia taught English as a second language at a college and university in Kaohsiung.

Now living in Manhattan, she and Su Beng continue to communicate via Skype. She plans to return to Taiwan to complete her research on Su Beng’s biography.

Felicia has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and a master’s degree in Applied Psychology from New York University. She currently hosts the Talking Taiwan podcast, which is an audio magazine about interesting people connected to Taiwan and what they are doing

Making History: The Story of Su Beng crowdfunding campaign:

Felicia's website about Su Beng:

Felicia's email address:

The Story of Su Beng YouTube channel:

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place - November 23rd 2013

Dixon Place presents...

"Salon Lounge at Dixon Place"

a monthly showcase of performance/literature/film-video by women

an International Women Artists’ Salon series

Saturday, 23 November 2013 ~ NYC ~ Host: Heidi Russell

Music: DK & the Joy Machine

Performing folk-punk on mountain acoustic and electric mountain dulcimer

A singer-songwriter known for innovative work on mountain dulcimer and for “rocking out” on this trad instrument, “DK” performs instrumentals, acoustic-punk and roots/Americana with complex arrangements and a highly innovative and percussive style on both acoustic and electric mountain dulcimer (the "Joy Machine"). Her song writing has been called "quirky and smart," and her style compared to PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, and Bob Dylan, bringing a "punk sensibility to traditional music." All her songs--whether about being an androgynous girl or falling in love with a feral cat, are inherently political and deeply expressive.

Literature: April Ranger, poetry

After a recent move to Brooklyn, long-time Boston poet April Ranger shares a selection of her newest poems, subjects ranging from nature to sex to childhood and loss of god.

April Ranger’s first full-length play, Streetsweepers, was the recipient of the Nicole DuFresne playwriting award. Her poems have appeared in Muzzle Magazine, apt, and Off the Coast. As a performance poet, April has toured extensively across the United States. She grew up in rural Maine and currently lives in Brooklyn.

Video: Un hee Park

Visitor at the park (6 min)

Visitor At the Park is a single channel video that addresses male perceptions of Asian women. Various men are approached by an Asian female with a camera in a public park, and asked how they perceive her. By carrying out this action, a real world relationship is created. Visitor at the Park also exposes how these strangers portray their identities to the outside world by interweaving truth and fiction while telling their stories.

Susan (2min)

Susan addresses the fact that the images from media (where we usually get our images of the Asian female) might not necessarily be true. I realized that the image of the Asian female in US is one that is “created” and often excludes the question of character or personality. Susan is a response to I how I feel the Asian female is superficially represented by the media as a purely sexual object.

Un hee Park grew up in Korea and studied Glass Art and Art Therapy before moving to New York. She has an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in Photography, Video, and Related Media in 2013 and a Certificate from the International School of Photography in 2010.

International Women Artists’ Salon is a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural global organization of women making art in the world today.

Music+Dance+Video+Film+Comedy+Theater+Writing+Visual Arts+Fashion+Architecture+Design+et al.

Twitter: @womenartsalon
Facebook Fan Page: International Women Artists’ Salon

Thank yous to Dixon Place and fabulous staff, Vanessa Villalobos (stage manager), Maggie Cousins (logo)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place - October 29th 2013

Dixon Place presents...

"Salon Lounge at Dixon Place"

a monthly showcase of performance/literature/film-video by women

an International Women Artists’ Salon series

Tuesday, 29 October 2013 ~ Host: Heidi Russell, founder

Literature: Lynn McGee, poet

Reading from manuscript, Comfort Food and Heirloom Bulldog

Lynn McGee's work appears in recent issues of The American Poetry Review, the Southern Poetry Review, Hawai'i Review, 2 Bridges Review, The Same, Bluestem and other magazines. Her manuscript Wheel of Ice has been nominated for the McGovern Prize (pending). She holds an MFA from Columbia and co-curates, with Gerry LaFemina, the Lunar Walk Poetry Series at the Two Moon Art House Cafe, In Brooklyn.

Theater: Mary Dimino

BIG DUMMY, written and performed by Mary Dimino; director:
Christine Miller

Big Dummy, written & performed by FringeNYC award-winning solo show writer Mary Dimino, debuted this August in The 2013 New York International Fringe Festival. Bright child. Simple father. They're best friends. Until she outgrows him at age eleven. Embarrassed by him, and herself. Realizing dad's brilliant. As is. Growing up smarter than your father in a funny, factory-working family from Queens. Come, simplify yourself.

FringeNYC Outstanding Solo Show Award Winner, Mary Dimino is a critically acclaimed monologist, described as “a born ranconteur with exuberance and heart." MAC Award winner for Outstanding Female Comedian and Gracie Allen Award winner, Mary was featured on NBC’s Today Show, HBO,Comedy Central, sketches on Letterman and Conan O’Brien. Mary is a contributer for The Huffington Post. She wrote, performed, and published Scarred Skinny. and

Video: Annie Heckman

Peru, 1953 (Trephining Letter), 2013, 4 minutes

Sound: Jason L. Hoffman, Translation & Narration: Jorge Soto

Created at the International Museum of Surgical Science, in a residency and exhibit curated by Lindsey Thieman.

Annie Heckman is an artist and educator whose work explores mortality through animation, installation, drawing, and writing. Born in Chicago, Heckman received her BFA in Studio Art in 2002 from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and her MFA in Studio Art in 2006 at New York University's Steinhardt School. She works with School and Teacher Programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and currently serves as Visiting Assistant Professor at DePaul University.

Music: Maracujá 

Original music selections

Maracujá is a musical duo of two soulful singers—Chéredyn Martin and Marye Lobb—who share an array of world, jazz and pop music. Performing in English, Spanish and Portuguese, they get your body moving and heart smiling. The band is accompanied by world class musicians including: Ayako Higuchi and Jorge Saenz.


International Women Artists’ Salon is a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural global organization of women making art in the world today.


Music+Dance+Video+Film+Comedy+Theater+Writing+Visual Arts+Fashion+Architecture+Design+et al.

Twitter: @womenartsalon 

Facebook Fan Page: International Women Artists’ Salon 

Thank you to Dixon Place and staff, Maggie Cousins (logo)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place - September 28th 2013

Dixon Place presents...

"Salon Lounge at Dixon Place"

a monthly showcase of performance/literature/film-video by women

an International Women Artists’ Salon series


Saturday, 28 September 2013  ~ Host: Jenny D. Green 

Historical Woman Artist Honoree:  Izumo No Okuni (Okuni)

Born in 1572 in Japan, Okuni was the originator of kabuki theater and contributed to Japanese theatre in general. She is said to have introduced the forerunner of the hanamichi (path of flowers).

Dance: Irina Kuzminsky

Dancing with Dark Goddesses
Written and choreographed by Irina, this piece combines dance, poetry and her original musical compositions to take us into an intimate encounter with the faces and realms of the feminine.  Impressionistic but with semi-narrative threads, Dancing with Dark Goddesses speaks of the passion, the rage, the joy and the strength of the feminine. Visiting from Australia, her full production is presented October 2, 3, 5 at Producers’ Club in NYC, along with her paintings in Salon Solo at Producers’ Club through October 20th.

Irina Kuzminsky is a genuine artist for our time, a poet, singer, songwriter, artist and dancer. Trained as a classical singer, pianist and dancer Irina's performances in the UK, US, Australia and Germany span recitals, theatre shows, dance, opera, dance theatre and cross-arts collaborations.

Theater: Yokko

Swaha-I burn; so be it-
This was inspired by Yokko’s solo-show, BALDY. BALDY: A courageous Japanese woman discovers her father's love only after she loses her hair and skin. Nine characters are alive in this revealing, funny journey of survival and dreams.
This Butoh piece, Swaha-I burn; so be it- is a Baldy’s ritual moment.  BALDY shows at United Solo Theater Festival October 20th.

Yokko is a performing artist from Japan. Recent Theatre credits include: BALDY (Hollywood Fringe 2013, FringeNYC 2012), Butoh Electra (Irondale Center, FringeNYC 2011), FACET (Hollywood Fringe 2013), and many others. She is a member of The Ume Group, and VOID Theatre Company in NYC. MFA in Acting (Actors Studio)


Literature: Goddess Judicci (pronounced “Who-dÉÉ-chi”)

Goddess Judicci (Pronounced “Who-dÉÉ-chi”) flourishes in an erotic, musical, spiritual universe. She has read at events sponsored by Nehirim, Zeek Magazine, Essentuality, and published in Inside Arts magazine, The Washington Post, and American Theatre magazine. She is a visual artist and percussionist. Known as the “Poet of the Body,” she offers a unique system of body, mind and spiritual transformation.

Video: Camilla Maxwell

Bullets and Boomerangs
A video short produced for a wedding
Camilla Maxwell has a bachelor’s degree in Media/Creative Writing from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, and an associate’s degree in Theatre from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. Camilla has written various plays that have achieved great success in New York City, Missouri, Connecticut, Sydney, Melbourne and Toronto. She was a two-time participant and finalist in the Samuel French Off-Off Broadway festival in New York City (2011, 2012).

International Women Artists’ Salon is a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural global organization of women making art in the world today.

Music+Dance+Video+Film+Comedy+Theater+Writing+Visual Arts+Fashion+Architecture+Design+et al.
Twitter: @womenartsalon       

Facebook Fan Page: International Women Artists’ Salon        

Monday, August 26, 2013

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place - August 26th 2013

Dixon Place presents...

"Salon Lounge at Dixon Place"

a monthly showcase of performance/literature/film-video by women

an International Women Artists’ Salon series

Monday, 26 August 2013 ~ NYC  ~ Host: Jenny D. Green

Historical Woman Artist Honoree:  Alice Guy-Blaché, considered the first woman filmmaker and director (ends tonight!)

Music: Hiromi Abe and Soli

The Duo Romi Abe and Soli will be performing some Brazilian music for this event. They will present all original songs which have been arranged and mixed a variety of styles of Brazil’s most celebrated music that includes samba, baião and bossa nova. They have been playing together since 2004.

Romi Abe is a pianist/keyboardist, and a composer, recording producer/engineer whose works have been performed in various types of productions in the US and Japan. Her works have been released through major and minor labels and also she has collaborated with other artists and DJs of multi genre characterizing NYC.

Literature: Barbara Clark
The Movie At The Back of My Mind, poetry series

I have been writing poetry since I was very young--influenced by all the usual notable writers--let's say I grew up with them---going from the classics to the romantics but am at this point mainly concerned with how history has affected my work. I write about everything--and believe that the image must carry the poem,  but I do have a deal of contemplation in my work about how to live in this world and with ourselves.   Because I am a therapist this aspect does show itself---we all live with a private internal history-one that is either helpful or not--and I try to evidence this in my work. I am also a painter and color for me is also important in my poems. 

Video: Annie Yan
New World Order

New Word Order
was edited with Final Cut Pro. All the graphics was created with FCP which isn't meant to do graphics since I didn't know how to use the other programs design for graphics. This project was exceptionally labor intensive.  

Annie Yan is an Independent Producer. The TV programs she produces tend to be educational and unconventional. New Word Order is her second series. Other programs she has produced are a game show and a short on earliest memories.

Theater: Jenny D Green and Katherine O'Sullivan
Marion Bridge by Daniel MacIvor, excerpts

Marion Bridge is about  three adult sisters who have gathered at their childhood home in Nova Scotia to care for their mother in her final days. The three women are a curious, troubled bunch. Agnes, whose hand is rarely without a drink, fled their rural Canadian home to make her way as an actor in Toronto; she's brought her personal theatrics with her on this trip home. Theresa is a nun who farms with her convent; a sliver of doubt has entered her life. And then there's Louise who has all but retreated from adult life in favor of disappearing into the world of soap operas and serials. Here we have monologues from Agnes and Theresa and a short scene between the two.

Katherine O’Sullivan fell in love with theatre, attending the Christmas "panto" in Dublin as a young child. She started training as an actor in Dublin and continues to develop her craft in New York. Since arriving in New York twenty one years ago, she has worked to expand and grow as an artist. She loves spending time at Dixon Place.   She is honored to be included with tonight’s salonistas.

Jenny D Green is a Brooklyn-based actor and producing artist. Favourite roles include Sara Pain, Dick Whittington (The OPTimistiks, Dixon Place), Maggie, the Men Commandments (Globus Theatre, LAB Ontario), Elizabeth, Tidings Brought to Mary (Storm Theatre, Hammerstein Ballroom). She enjoys hosting for the International Women Artists' Salon, including their weekly radio show and collaborations with Art Boundaries Unlimited and Origin Theatre. Hooray for Heidi!

Dance: Blue Muse Dance NY
Circle Bridge, preview

Blue Muse Dance NY is woking on "The Circle Bridge" new site-specific video and dance performance on the Pulaski Bridge of six connected personal stories of the citizens of Greenpoint and Long Island City.  Performance in October 2013. Blue Muse Dance is multi-performance arts collective that presents its work as well as film, music and other dance productions in Unites States and abroad.

Thank yous to Dixon Place and fabulous staff, Maggie Cousins (logo), Jenny D. Green (host and coordinator)

International Women Artists’ Salon is a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural global organization of women making art in the world today.
Music+Dance+Video+Film+Comedy+Theater+Writing+Visual Arts+Fashion+Architecture+Design+et al.

Twitter: @womenartsalon         
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place - July 29th 2013

We are thrilled to invite you to experience Salon Lounge at Dixon Place tonight if you are in NYC. If not, check out the artists work here on our blog later this week.

International Women Artists' Salon is honored to be partnering with Dixon Place to bring you our newest project series, "Salon Lounge at Dixon Place", a monthly 45-minute showcase of women's performance, writing, and film/video.

Each month will have a theme linking the pieces showcased.

July 29th is our second showcase and corresponds with Dixon Place's month long LGBTQ Hot! Festival of July.

Hope to see you there!

We are thrilled to showcase the following this month:

JiYe - experimental video
Joanna Wallfisch - music
Carren Strock - literature, novels
YalaniDream and JenDog - performance duo
BJ Watkins - host and emcee

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Salon Solo: Joanne Morton - {r}Evolution has Begun - Magic Passion Love Style!

The International Women Artists' Salon is Proud to Present Joanne Morton's Magic Passion Love...

{r}Evolution has Begun - Magic Passion Love Style!

Artist Reception - July 23 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates:  July 15 - 29

Producer's Club:  358 West 44 St @ 9th Avenue

been three years since artist, Joanne Morton left her East Village apartment of 15 years to travel around the USA to share the 3 Words she heard in 2003, while walking her dog on Ave A - Magic Passion Love. Since those three words: Magic Passion Love came to her, Joanne has found the Courage to take the leap to Allow Magic - Feel Passion - Live Love 24/7!   When you have the COURAGE to be your true self - miracles happen!

Joanne is excited to share Magic Passion Love again with the city that inspired her to Allow Feel Live!

What is  Magic Passion Love (MPL) is a renewable, sustainable energy source found within all of us. When used, life feels good... when shared, WOW!

In April 2010, Joanne left NYC to go on the road with the MPL- USA Art Tour: sharing positive energy from sea to sea!

The first year & half were slow -- spending the first year on Tybee Island, GA working with local artist Denise Elliot Vernon re-open Dragonfly Studios then she moved into Savannah.  

was after the Occupy Wall Street movement started to expand from NYC to
other cities that Joanne realized it was time for her to take her art on the road. Starting on Martin Luther King Day 2012, she traveled for six months in her blue mini-van around the country with her public art project, “Mass Manifesting Mobile”.  This simple yet powerful,  Interactive Public Positive Art Project - Mass Manifesting Mobile, is proof that people are interested in co-creating together – there are over 300 pieces that represent the 100%. AND it is still growing!

The Mass Manifesting Mobile

is an opportunity for people to publicly and proudly share the sometimes hidden and protected desires of our hearts and souls. The Mass Manifesting Mobile is made up of a collection of “Affirmation Art” that people hang together after writing their positive affirmations/intentions on them.  The ultimate purpose of the Mass Manifesting Mobile is to give everyone more freedom to allow their magic, feel their passion, and live their love!  The circles are made out of recycled food boxes.  They are hung in a row either on the wall or in the center of the room.

The real ART Joanne encountered were the PEOPLE who participated in the project!

who are committed to co-creating abundance & well being for themselves and their communities. The Mass Manifesting Mobile reflects these people --  including Union Workers in Savannah, School Children in Tallahassee, Radical Fairies in New Orleans and Lutheran Church Ladies in Beaumont, Tx!  She stayed with CouchSurfing hosts, camped at Occupy Tallahassee, arrived just in time for the start of Mardi Gras, enjoyed music at SxSW and saw the Grand Canyon at dawn are some of the stories she  shares.   It doesn’t matter age, race, sex, or political party - when asked what your heart’s desire is - all of our answers are very  similar.  Especially the children.  We are not listening to our children - and we are here for them..


currently resides in Savannah where she is artist in residence and art gallery curator at Anahata Healing Arts (AHA).  She offers private &group Positive Energy classes & is a certified Angel Tarot Card reader.  

her spiritual business co-creators, Lynn Geddes & Joshua Gray Hamilton, they are co-creating a sacred space for the community to uplift - create - share positive energy. AHA is available for personal unique vacation retreats & workshops/events

For more information: please email or call 917.676.4280  or

enjoy your day,

Joanne Morton
positive energy artist

@ Anahata Healing Arts


Allow your Magic - Feel your Passion - Live your Love!
magic passion love is a renewable, sustainable POSITIVE energy source found within all of us. When used, life feels good, when shared, WOW!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Member Spotlight: Nadine Charlsen's Solo Water Color Exhibition "Works on Paper: International Studies"

International Women Artists' Salon
is pleased to announce member Nadine Charlsen's solo water color exhibit, "Works on Paper: International Studies."

Nancy Dryfoos Gallery, Kean University
Current thru August 15, 20139:00 am - 9:00 pm Mon-Thurs
Kean University, 1000 Morris Avenue, Union NJ 07083

Click Here for Google Maps' Directions

Reception 4-6:30 Saturday July 13, 2013

A solo large scale watercolor exhibition from the artist's travels in Europe and the Middle East.  The work shows a gritty, unique style of working with watercolor on paper.  The method is working very dark to light yet maintaining white areas of the paper for highlights.

I am a baby boomer, born Nadine L Wilson in Bird City, Kansas. I lived in western Kansas all my childhood years. My "hood" was a group of 11 boys and no girls. My father was an industrial arts teacher and a furniture builder; my mother was a first grade teacher and an oil painter. I grew up with a hammer in one hand, a paintbrush in the other and a tough kid attitude.   Eventually I got involved in a large regional theatre-Music Theatre of Wichita. I worked as a scenic artist at MTW for five years and met many designers, actors and technicians from New York.

Not long after that, I moved to Brooklyn, New York and received an MFA in theatre design from Brooklyn College. I have worked for several well known New York designers as well as creating my own set and lighting designs for Off and Off Off Broadway. I have created painted murals for a variety of stores and private residences. My watercolors are influenced by my theatre design as well as my various art instructors and personal friends. My personal photographic collection is where I find inspiration for my watercolors, and each is a unique image.

Artist Statement
I want my watercolors to have something new to say to the viewer.  I believe the viewer will experience the painting and feel the story of the moment as I did when I painted it.  I want my art to evoke an emotion that helps you take the journey with me to that place into that world.

My studio is the ever-changing world around me. I am an avid bicyclist, swimmer and walker. I do long distance bike trips and paint and photograph as I go. I love visiting noisy cities, quiet country spots and bustling streets.  Every day is a different experience, a new world to live in the moment. My work is always created from the occasion that makes it unique and with its own particular style. The style is a product of the time and place. The versatility lets me work in all mediums and time periods.  My motivation for continuing to paint is for both you and I to escape for a moment to another place and find joy in imagining the moment together. Painting makes me want to be young again. I have everything to learn and nothing I ever want to forget.

Venue and Festival Sponsor: Kean University Art Galleries

By train from New York City
Take NJ transit to Newark, New Jersey (2 stops)  Change at Newark to the Raritan Line going toward Raritan (or High Bridge)  Go one stop to Union, New Jersey.  Exit the train down the stairs or elevator.  There is only one direction you can go at the bottom.  Walk straight ahead.  You see the Kean campus.  Keep Gray AVE apartments and new building construction on your left.  Cross Green Lane Street.  Enter a large parking lot and walk diagonally across the parking lot toward a small white shingled house (on the campus)  Keeping the little white house on your right, follow the sidewalk past two buildings also on your right.  After the pre-slab light tan building make a right and cross the stream.  The library is the first building on your over the stream.  Hope to see you there.

Nadine Charlsen

Friday, June 28, 2013

"Salon Lounge at Dixon Place" Launch - Saturday, June 29th, 7:30pm

International Women Artists' Salon is honored to be partnering with Dixon Place in NYC to bring you our newest project series, "Salon Lounge at Dixon Place", a monthly 45-minute showcase of women's performance, writing, and film/video.

Each month will have a theme linking the pieces showcased.

June 29th is our inaugural showcase with the theme 'Women's Voices', featuring:

"Little Pink Balloon", a short film co-produced by Dorothy Krajewski, Joanna Bowzer and Lacy Wittman, co-directed by Lacy Wittman and Joanna Bowzer, all in attendance (music by Cheryl Engelhardt, unfortunately not in attendance)

Dorothy Krajewski, reading from her novel-in-progress

Sarah Aili, crooning us with her voice and lyrics

Rebekkah Sue Rosenberg, presenting a segment of her new play-in-development

With host Heidi Russell
*check back for in depth profiles

Don't miss this dynamic 45 minutes of incredible new artistry by these amazing women!

Free to attend, but donations welcome, to be split between the artists.

Saturday, June 29th
7:30, showcase begins
8:15, mixing and mingling in lounge with artists and audience

The Dixon Place Lounge is open before, during, and after the show. Proceeds directly support Dixon Place’s artists and mission.

Dixon Place  
161A Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002
(btwn Delancey and Rivington, west side of Chrystie)
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Salon Radio June 24th, 2013
: Marivir Montebon and OSM! ONLINE MAGAZINE and Jessica Goldstein

Salon Radio June 24th, 2013

International Women Artists' Salon is thrilled to present Marivir Montebon and OSM! ONLINE MAGAZINE (AWESOME) for our feature interview and actress Jessica Goldstein for our Salon Solo {Radio} segment. 

Jenny Green hosts, with presenter Heidi Russell.


Tune in to listen live 9:00-9:55 pm 
Show archived and available for on-demand listening from June 27th on.



Marivir Montebon is a passionate writer for society and people. She published OSM! on May 18, 2012 with the clear vision in mind that this online magazine is to be the epitome that good things that people do have to be cherished and amplified. Hence, OSM! is born as a counter media culture of the ‘what bleeds leads’ notion.

Growing up weary of the bad news is news syndrome, Montebon has committed OSM! to be the brand of journalism of positively inspiring lives…whether as career professionals, community leaders, youth leaders, or entrepreneurs and business persons. In this manner, journalism has done its purpose of informing and inspiring, and being a positive contribution to a community and world of peace and understanding.
In March 2012, Montebon was awarded the Woman in Media/Journalism award by the New Jersey-based Pan-American Concerned Citizens League.

Montebon also serves as managing editor of the Migrant Heritage Chronicle, a community paper based in Washington, DC. She is well into the topics of politics and world development, art and culture, and women issues and concerns.

In March 2012, Montebon was awarded the Woman in Media/Journalism award by the New Jersey-based Pan-American Concerned Citizens League.

Montebon also serves as managing editor of the Migrant Heritage Chronicle, a community paper based in Washington, DC. She is well into the topics of politics and world development, art and culture, and women issues and concerns.
Ms. Montebon began her profession in the media at a young age, starting off as a campus journalist in the portals of her school, the University of San Carlos in Cebu, Philippines. Immediately after college, she begun a colorful career in print and broadcast media.

She has two published books. Her debut was in 2000 which is entitled “Retracing our Roots: A Journey into Cebu’s Precolonial and Colonial Past” and the second book was published in 2007 entitled “Beyond the Seed Money”. It is about successful women micro-entrepreneurs in Cebu.

During her stint at editor at the Freeman Newspaper between 1996-2001, the paper became a hall of famer of the Konrad Adenauer Awards for Community Journalism by winning for three consecutive years the Best in Environmental Reporting and Best in Cultural and Historical Reporting Awards.

Ms. Montebon conceptualized and produced the television talk show “Babaye” (Woman) for the Catholic Television Network which features success stories of women from all walks of life. The show ran in 2002-2010 and was being enjoyed not only in the Philippines but in Asia as well.
She may be reached at

JUST CLIQ IT is a media services company which provides media-related products and services to a large clientele of individuals, non-profit organizations, the academe, and business entities. It is based in New York City.

Its service expertise lies on writing, editing, research, and media campaign and events management.

It also engages in production of short films, video, commercials, websites, and print materials.

The flagship projects of the company include OSM, an online magazine for a broad-based clientele and book publications.

JUST CLIQ IT’s mission is to promote the inspiring achievements of citizens, mainly in the US and around the world, in all facets of professional life, cultural diversity efforts, community and entrepreneurial endeavors through media products and services that include writing, editing, research, media campaign and events management, as well as the production of short films, video, commercials, websites, and print materials.

OSM! just recently published Biting the Big Apple, a memoir by Marivir R. Montebon which is now available in


"A wonderfully written memoir: insightful, inspiring, informative, and funny. Marivir Montebon shares with us her story in the context of family history which is an integral part of the Philippine diaspora. You will love this book, and get a deeper understanding of the stories of immigrants, that many of them are made of courage and faith. It is a must read."

US Pinoys for Good Governance

"A woman's story, an immigrant's story, a single parent's story – all these and more in Biting the Big Apple. It's a tale of strength that threads through the whole book and brings everything together in the end. It's a tale of triumph that spans three generations, told in an easy, engaging style, with snippets of history. It's both a personal journey, and a journey which finds a common tie with other life's journeys that make this book an interesting read."

OSM! Online Magazine

"It is a bit unique and shows that our great country is still the land of opportunity. Regardless of how you got here, if you have a dream that's big enough and a desire that's strong enough, you can overcome any obstacle and achieve anything!"

National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NAFFAA)
Connecticut Chapter

“Marivir Montebon tells a story that is both universal and unique. She writes about the death of her husband, her separation from her daughter and her escape to New York to start a new life with heartfelt honesty. Her triumph over adversity, her eventual reunion with her daughter, and her success in building a career as an international journalist infuse the book with a life affirming spirit. Biting the Big Apple is a story brimming with courage, hope, adventure, and, most of all, with love."

Author, Publisher and National Writers Union activist

Salon Solo {Radio} Jessica Goldstein

Jessica hails all the way from London, Ontario, Canada where from a very young age has immersed herself in the performance arts including dance, theatre and voice. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a BA in drama, she moved to New York City to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts conservatory acting program. She has studied many different styles of theatre including clown, physical theatre, commedia, improvisation and mime. Favorite Credits include: Theatre: 8 Million Protagonists(Leo Burnett/Village Voice)Fuhgeddaboutit! (Between the Lines Prod), Reunion (Make it Real) Cooked (Company Member Enact Theatre) Peter Pan(New Acting Company) Our Lady of 121st Street (Outrageous Fortune) Film: Blues for Life, Hell Fire. Television: Monumental Mysteries, Deadline Crime. Thanks to my friends, family and fiancé for their love and support. I wouldn’t be living my dream without you.


All Salon Radio shows will be rebroadcast in a rotation with the other week's shows during CityWorldRadio's non-live 24/7 airtime, and will be archived for on-demand listening at on the Thursday each week.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Member Spotlight: Singer Aimee Whelan in Voices and Strings

International Women Artists' Salon is delighted to announce singer and salon member Aimee Whelan will be performing in her cabaret show titled "Voices and Strings" on Friday, May 24th at Duplex Cabaret Theatre


Voices and Strings

Duplex Cabaret Theatre

Friday May 24th


Duplex Theatre

Christopher Street on the corner of 7th Avenue take the 1 to Christopher street station

The ladies are back and they are bringing a gentleman along for the ride! Chanel Thomas and Aimee Whelan have come together once again and are joined by stellar guitarist, Ryan Quinn for an evening of all your favorite hits, acoustic style. Join us for an evening of great songs and killer guitar riffs. Tickets are just $7

Aimee Whelan is originally from the north of England, Her favourite roles include: Dick-Dick Whittington (Dixon PLace), Chantel- Citizenship (National Theatre- UK), Jane- Get Over It (Lowery Theatre- UK), Pistol- Henry V (Shakespeare in the Parking Lot), Ado Annie- Oklahoma (Blackpool Grand Theatre) and May in Billy Carver (Manhattan Theatre Source). Aimee has been a Salon member since 2011. She can be contacted at

Saturday, May 18, 2013

International Women Artists’ Salon at Hell's Kitchen Arts Festival Salon Film & Video Showcase Producers’ Club, NYC ~ 18 May 2013

Compilation of work by Lisa Ferber, writer and Lisa Hammer, director (1 pm)

Ultimate Team Invasion Force, trailer, Lisa Hammer

Terror Lab, trailer, Lisa Hammer

Turn of the Century, trailer, Lisa Hammer

Why Does it Do That?, excerpt, Lisa Hammer

The Pox Show, excerpt, Lisa Hammer

Whimsellica's Grand Inheritance, short film, 8 minutes

The Sisters Plotz and Their Afternoon of Will Reading and Poetry, film, 42 minutes

Pay Someone to Do the Things You Don't Want to Do, music video

Sisters Plotz feature film 2013!, trailer

The Sisters Plotz is a frothy musical comedy about three madcap heireasses who live with their devoted butler. The eccentric sisters Plotz—Dada poetess Celestia, reckless inventor Ladybug, and dreamy artist Whimsellica—have arranged for their Uncle Sinley, hairdresser to the stars, to read their father's will. Madcappery immediately ensues with the recital of Celestia's first depressing poem, a visit from Whimsellica's theatrical French boyfriend, the revelation of Ladybug's romance with the butler, the maids plotting to ruin the Plotzes and become rich, the pitching of woo from Celestia's young suitor, and Whimsellica causing an explosion with Ladybug's science tools. Will the Plotzes survive the whirlwind afternoon?


Pat Lewis

1992 ~ 30 mins.

video, documentary

In making her first video documentary about gays in the military, 'CEASE FIRE', Pat was meticulous in gathering and reading all the news, documentation and information she could find about the issue of gay men and women being kicked out of U.S. military branches just because they were gay. She just couldn't understand how this could be happening, and that nobody seemed to be doing anything about it. She still has every article and document she collected in 1994.

For 'CEASE FIRE', Pat interviewed many gay women at a demonstration that took place in Washington, DC in 1994 who had served in various branches of the military to find out about their personal experiences with sexual harassment and being discharged because of their sexual identity . Their individual stories are amazing, and Pat is still sharing them almost 20 years later in this amazing video!

You are invited to stay for a Q & A with the filmmaker

Salonista Compilation


Silvana D'Mikos

2013 ~ 1 minute, 35 seconds

video, sound animation

I grew up in Shangrila, a small village in Uruguay where gardens gave way to wilderness; children played on unpaved streets and explored the nearby forest and beaches. A place characterized by raining, cold winters, and colorful, warm summers. The interactive installation presents a sensory perception experience of touch, smell, sounds and visual elements associated with these memories, evoking the feelings of my childhood. Moreover, encourage the participants to review their own memories and emotions.

Collage of Colorsculpting Pieces

Sabina Păuţa Pieslak

2011 ~ 2 minutes, 40 seconds

video, visual art time lapse

I paint paper sculptures, creating works out of shredded paint chips. My medium is a color-coded card intended to be held or affixed to a wall for a short time until replaced with paint or thrown out. Its purpose is to help bring color into our lives, but its own handling is short-lived. In my works, I question whether transient, typically discarded objects like paint chips can be transformed into more permanent objects that enliven the spaces in which we live, work, and play. After shredding the chips, I recycle them into works of art that have a close relationship with the painted wall on which they are displayed. By using materials typically associated with painting but not art, I suggest a new perspective of what art is and how it can be made. I would like to acknowledge the Benjamin Moore Paint Company for its generous donation of materials for my artworks.


JiYe Kim

2011 ~ 2 minutes

video, experimental

I've created an archival of personal, everyday images that is entitled: "I Am a Leaving.” The collected images represent several years of actively seeking out images from everyday life including found photographs and videos.

All You Need, from NOT AT WAR album

Marye Lobb

2012 ~ 2 minutes, 51 seconds

video, music

This video/song encourages young people to consider the consequences of sex before following through with it. Director: Ivan Barahona; Actors: Lennie Diaz, Evan Lidestri, Marye Lobb and Francisco Sarmiento. Special Thanks to: Andy Cofino, Nikki DiNatale, Bryant Henderson, Debra Humphrey, Caitlin McGee

"All You Need" written by Marye Lobb. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Women In Motion

Kristin A. Thomas, producer & director

with music by Kristin Hoffmann

2013 ~ 6 minutes, 12 seconds

film, trailer

Women in Motion is film with a mission to inspire female entrepreneurs with a vision to follow their passion. Some of the leading female business owners of the world have come together to share their wisdom and message. Women in Motion is a movement of women making a real impact and becoming leaders in the world of business.

Little Pink Balloon

Cheryl B. Engelhardt, music score

2011 ~ 15 minutes

film, short

When a Man wakes to find his shirt covered in blood and his lover dead, he goes on a journey to discover what happened. Little Pink Balloon serves as the first collaboratin between the power house, all female creative team of Joanna Bowzer, Lacy Wittman, Dorothy Krajewski, and Cheryl B. Engelhardt. Adapted by Joanna Bowzer and Lacy Wittman from the stage play by the same name (also written by Bowzer), the piece was presented on the Lower East Side of New York City in Fall 2010. Once complete, the creative team aims to present it as part of the narrative short film programs at the major film festivals including the Sundance Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival and others. Further, it will serve as a showpiece produce of the creative team with the ultimate focus of raising money for a feature film.

Science Fair Archive 1988 (R.S.)

Annie Heckman

2012 ~ 3 minutes, 8 seconds

video, animation

A seven-year-old girl, drawn in by the release of Wizardry V and desperate to complete a challenging science fair project afterhours of video game distraction, writes to her godmother, a neccentric physicist based in Virginia. Auntie Robbie responds, candidly offering her projections for the humans. This is her first public speech in 40 years, because of her controversial research and ostracization from the scientific community. Science fiction drama viewers may guess Auntie Robbie’s identity.

Rope and Chasm

Re’ut Ben-Ze’ev, mezzo-soprano

with collaborator Matthew Greenbaum, composer and video animator

2012 ~ 1 minute, 48 seconds

video, trailer

Rope and Chasm is an evening-length work for mezzo-soprano and video animation based on Nietzsche’s Also Sprach Zarathustra. It is made up of a series of episodes in which the mezzo sings with a pre-recorded musical score and interacts with numerous video characters, including a leech expert, a tightrope walker, and a half-mole, half-human “spirit of gravity.” Greenbaum is both the composer and video animator. It was premiered in its entirety by Network for New Music in Philadelphia, 2012.

Gravity Pulls

Mayuna Shimizu, dancer and choreographer

2012 ~ 2 min

video, dance

Just beauty of Simplicity, engaging with earth.

Short film by Barry Steele, Music : Water Way by Del

Marla Mossman

Peace Caravan Journey Along the Silk Road: Xinjiang Province, China

17 minutes, 30 seconds

film, documentary

Documentary which follows Marla Mossman as she continues her solo journey along the ancient Silk Road in China's remote Xinjiang Province (East Turkestan). From Turphan, one of the earths lowest places to Tashkurgan in the Pamir"s some of earth's Highest Mountain Ranges, Mossman photographs the local people and shares in their daily lives, their cuisine, customs, music and the beautiful landscapes that make their home. The Peace Caravan Project's mission is to inform and inspire others to achieve understanding, respect and acceptance. By photographing the wonderful religious and cultural heritage of the Silk Road nations, by nourishing international cooperation, the exchange of cultural values and the equality of all people, including women and children, a new appreciation and a new way to peace will reveal itself. If you like this video and want to learn more, please go to my website at: to get more information about the project.


Re’ut Ben-Ze’ev majored in Theater at the Thelma Yelin High school of Performing Arts, Tel Aviv, where she also toured as the vocal soloist of its Big Band. After moving to NYC and studying the Strasberg "Method" with Terese Hayden she decided to pursue a classical singing career. Re’ut’s operatic roles, performances on the concert platform, and collaborations have taken her around the world. In 2013/14 season, she will make her debut with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in the world premier of David Del Tredici’s Dum Dee Tweedle under the baton of Leonard Slatkin. Her standard concert repertoire ranges from Haydn’s ARIANNA A NAXOS to Mozart’s REQUIEM to Adler’s NUPTIAL SCENE performed with St. Cecilia Chorus and Orchestra, The Israel Chamber Orchestra and others. Re'ut lives in NYC and studies with Gerald Martin Moore.

Cheryl Engelhardt considers herself a "music creator who shares her process", working as a freelance composer for films and ads, a songwriter, and an author of articles and E-courses written for aspiring artists.

Silvana D’Mikos is an interdisciplinary installation artist from Uruguay. Her installations are characterized by the investigation of different materials thru the use of diverse aesthetic languages like sculptures, digital images, and animation. In 2004, She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Rio de Janeiro. In 2005, she moved to Miami, Florida, where her work began to change direction by the incorporation of new media elements. In 2007, she participate in the international curatorial program of L’ecole du Magasin, Centre National d’Art Contemporain de Grenoble, France. Shortly after, she attended the residency summer program in New Media at Transart Institute, Berlin, Germany. Currently, she lives in Miami, USA, where she is a resident artist at the Bakehouse Art Complex.


Lisa Ferber (Writer/Whimsellica Plotz) is a prolific multidisciplinary satirist. She wrote the hit web series The Sisters Plotz, which was a Top Five Most-Watched video on Lisa's film Whimsellica's Grand Inheritance won the audience vote in the It Came From Kuchar Festival, and her play Bonbons for Breakfast was a New York magazine notable production. She starred in the final film of underground icon Doris Wishman, Each Time I Kill, featuring cameos by filmmaker John Waters and B-52s frontman Fred Schneider, and she studied lyric writing with the Tony-honored BMI Musical Theatre Workshop.

Matthew Greenbaum, composer, was born in New York City in 1950. Greenbaum’s awards, fellowships and commissions include the Serge Koussevitzky Music Fund/Library of Congress, the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust, the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Fromm Foundation, the Guggenheim Foundation, the Martha Baird Rockefeller Fund and the New York Foundation for the Arts. Greenbaum is also a video animation artist. Works in this medium include ROPE AND CHASM for mezzo and video animation, an hour-long setting of excerpts from Nietzsche’s Also Sprach Zarathustra; AUTOMAT for video animation/electronic music, and BITS AND PIECES, for tenor sax and video animation. Matthew is collaborator of Salonista Re’ut Ben-Ze’ev.

Lisa Hammer (Director/Ladybug Plotz) has been entertaining audiences for decades with absurd comedies and eerie silent film fairy tales. She released the outrageous musical-art-house gore flick Pus$bucket in the 1990s, which caused riots at her screenings and became a Blockbuster and Tower Video "Midnight Movies" favorite. Her short and feature films have been screened worldwide for decades, winning festival awards and screening at one-woman shows. Fans love her as Triana Orpheus on the Cartoon Network show The Venture Brothers, and as the singer of the bands Requiem in White, Mors Syphilitica and Radiana.

Annie Heckman is an artist and educator whose work explores mortality and the workings of the mind, with sources ranging from the journals of Antarctic explorers to surgical films and Tibetan philosophy. She received her BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her MFA from New York University, both in Studio Art. Heckman teaches drawing, video, and color theory at DePaul University, and specializes in contemporary art & dialogue methods with the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago's School and Teacher Programs. She develops her studio projects in the form of drawings, animations, installations, and books, and is currently exhibiting as the Artist in Residence at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago.

JiYe Kim is an experimental video artist and editor. She recently completed a short film titled, (1990 – 2011), and edited the documentary feature, Cerro Rico, Tierra Rica. Born in South Korea, Kim moved to New York City to pursue her interest in video in 2007. Her work has been shown in various film festivals, including 2nd Women’s Film Festival, Chennai, India, The Independent Documentary Festival, Seoul, South Korea and Kim’s work has been exhibited at numerous gallery including Giacobetti Paul Gallery, Manhattan Theater Source, IndexArt Center, Samson Project, and Chashama. Kim received her MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts and BFA in Korea National University of Arts.

Pat Lewis' dream as a teenager was to be a photojournalist when she grew up, and to tell stories about issues in the world that were wrong. She thought that perhaps she could tell some of these stories via camera, and share them with the world in order to make a difference! Hence, Pat attended NYU for film and video production. She produced a series of programs on Manhattan Neighborhood Network for five years. Pat won a Producers' grant from Film/Video Arts in New York, and two production grants from the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. She also won two video short awards, one from The Knitting Factory Film Festival and the other from the New Zealand International Film/Video Festival. Pat currently lives and works in New York City.

Mary Lobb was born in the Midwest and raised in Rochester, NY. Marye trotted the globe in search of inspiration and purpose. She listened to the sounds and took in the culture of Ireland, Norway, Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Turkey and Chile. Her experiences living and volunteering abroad and at home led her to see music as a form of social service and so she put herself through school at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. After graduating in 2008, she released Finding Home. NOT AT WAR was released in 2012 followed by a national tour to celebrate the work.

Marla Mossman is an international photographer, artist and poet who has traveled extensively documenting the human condition. Avidly interested in promoting arts and education, she co-established non-profit art organizations and a non- profit organization whose mission is to provide education and healthcare to rural Asian communities. She was the first foreigner and woman to visit Waras, a remote part of Central Afghanistan, on horseback, with donkey and mules. Most recently spending months circling the Taklamakan Desert in western China, Born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised and educated in Canada, she currently resides in New York.

Born in Iaşi Romania, Sabina Păuţa Pieslak immigrated to the United States in 1986 when she and her family moved to New Jersey. She was formally trained in painting during her teen years by Evelyn Leavens. Also a gifted pianist, Sabina was offered numerous scholarships to conservatories and pursued academic study in music, earning a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. After moving to New York City in 2003, she continued to study painting at the Art Students League of New York with Dale Myers and Timothy Clark. Her works have been purchased by private collectors in the US and Romania, and exhibited by galleries throughout the US and internationally.

Mayuna Shimizu is a choreographer of Blue Muse Dance, multi-performance arts collective that presents its work as well as film, music and other dance productions in Unites States and abroad. (under construction)

Kristin A. Thomas is the founder and CEO of Thomas & Ingram Real Estate, a notable luxury boutique sales firm in Manhattan. Kristin's admiration for women who have achieved success as entrepreneurs motivated her to executive produce Women In Motion, as an opportunity to capture some of the leading female entrepreneurs of

today’s wisdom and inspirational stories of hardship, determination, and success.

Annie Yan is yet to be an award-winning independent tv producer and abstract artist. But in her delusions, she equates compliments as Emmys. Her work tend to be experimental and educational with elements of humor. She is always striving to find an alternative approach to presenting art and info. Some of the tv programs she has produced are Trivisual, New Word Order, Two Losers (a game show), and Earliest Memories. She has worked with numerous nonprofits as a videogapher and editor. Her abstract sketches are psychedelic, organic, and graffiti like. Her works have been exhibited at the Hell's Kitchen Art Fest, BWAC Gallery, Minerva Gallery, people's homes, Salvation Army thrift stores, and dumpsters. She was born in Hong Kong and grew up in New York. She has a BA in History. Much of her early professional training came from the Immigration and Naturalization Service where she had master the art of redundancy.

Thank you to our venue partner Producers’ Club and Staff ~

Thank you to Hell’s Kitchen Arts Festival ~

Kudos to Salon curatorial team members JiYe Kim and Annie Yan

for curation and technical support of this showcase.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Salon Radio May 13th: Women Stage the World and Singer/SongWriter Azania Steady

Salon Radio May 13th, 2013

International Women Artists' Salon is thrilled to present
Janice Maffei and Mahayana (Yana) Landowne with Women Stage the World for our feature interview and singer/songwriter Azania Steady for our Salon Solo {Radio} segment. 

Jenny Green hosts and presents. 

Tune in to listen live 9:00-9:55 pm 
Show archived and available for on-demand listening from May 17th on.

Women Stage the World Janice Maffei and Mahayana

(Yana) Landowne

Women Stage the World is a new initiative from the Advocacy Committee of League of Professional Theater Women(LPTW) targeting ticket-buyers and theatre decision-makers, to support and create awareness of gender equity for theatre women.

Visualize teams of costumed women, representing Women Stage the World, advocating for professional theatre women wherever theatre people convene and wherever theatre-goers gather.

We members of the League of Professional Theatre Women, dressed as our famous theatrical foremothers, are launching a campaign to bring women's voices to the world's stages.

Women writers/directors/designers/choreographers/actors/stage managers and producers are under-represented in the theatre globally.

With your help we will start the conversation about how to get women working in the theatre in the same numbers as men. With your help audiences will hear and see women's stories onstage.

Janice Maffei
is a playwright whose work has appeared at the Barrow Group Theatre and The American Globe. Her play, "Re-Upholstered," won a Netty Award and was published in The Southampton Review.  She's an MFA student at Stony Brook University and a member of the Dramatists Guild, the League of Professional Theatre Women and Playwrights Gallery.

Mahayana Landowne
is a NYC based director/ art activist who creates work with dramatic visions that transcend daily life.  Productions include: The Skriker, The Seagull, brass logic, Streetcar Named Desire, Obgynt, King Lear, and Mud.  Member of Calling All Parties, interactive performance collective. One of the Founders of Dance Parade (May 18th).

Learn More:,,‬
Workshops in Creativity -

We are holding an Equality Parade through the NYC Broadway Theater District on June 11th, 2013. Please join us in the parade all are welcome. Also ask theaters you attend what they are doing to help support women's voices.

‪Learn more about Dance Parade at

Salon Solo {Radio} Azania Steady

Few people are born with the gift of instantly touching people's hearts with their voice. Azania is one of them. Originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa, this award-winning, multi-cultural artist was born and raised in the U.S. & in Geneva, Switzerland. Azania's captivating voice, powerful energy and warm charisma make her a phenomenal performer and a joy to see on stage. She has performed hundreds of concerts around Europe, the U.S. and in Asia. In Paris, she won first prize in the French T.V. competition “Graines de Star” which was the first French show similar to 'American Idol'. As a songwriter, Azania’s lyrics are often enriched with uplifting and positive messages, and she is presently composing her highly-anticipated new album, full of soul and
powerful songs.

Photograph by Johann Sauty

"A star is born." - DB Magazine

"The next Whitney Houston." – TV Guide (France)

"Azania's captivating voice, powerful energy, positive and sensual charisma make her a superlative performer that you want to hear and see more and more of on stage." - African Sun Times

"Azania is absolutely incredible... a mixture of Adele and Whitney Houston".- Lara Richards

"With a little rock and roll, and a whole lot of soul, the depth and range of her voice is unbeatable." - Swit Salone News (Official Website)

Photograph by Yuno Takayama


All Salon Radio shows will be rebroadcast in a rotation with the other week's shows during CityWorldRadio's non-live 24/7 airtime, and will be archived for on-demand listening at on the Thursday each week.

City World Radio reaches over 30,000 listeners in over 30 countries around the world.

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