Monday, January 30, 2012

Fundraising Campaign: Catherine Taormina & OperatiON: MuSiC CoNNeCT

OperatiON: MuSiC CoNNeCT

International Women Artists' Salon would like to raise awareness (and hopefully funds) for member Catherine Taormina's kickstarter campaign!

The proceeds will go towards the production of a musical collaboration at the Triad Theater in NYC in April. This prospective event involves diverse musical genres. Incentives for backing the event include tactile arts and crafts.
OperatiON: MuSiC CoNNeCT

The Fundraising Campaign ends Saturday Feb 18, 2012



Hi! I’m Rockstar Sissy also known as Catherine Taormina. I’m looking to put together an awesome musical show called Operation: Music Connect. This show is so exciting because it involves diverse musical acts. The show will include classical, contemporary, rock, jazz, opera dixieland, french chanson & gutbucket blues. The bands performing will be me, Rockstar Sissy with my bandmates Jotan Afanador who will be back from his tour with Aventura just in time for this event! and Joseph Wallace on bass. I write and sing pop-rock-funk-punk groovin songs, Nick Addeo the amazingly sweet sounding operatic tenor, Anna Kendrick who composes and sings jazzy, bluesy, cabaret-esque standards, Nicky Addeo oldies, contemporary and R&B singer, the amazingly talented world renown concert pianist Inna Faliks, and the Hot Sardines french chanson, dixieland, and gutbucket blues musical group. The show will be MC’d by Johnny Petillo of the Johnny Petillo show. I am looking at producing this show at the Triad Theater in NYC in April on a Saturday at 2pm. So please take a look at the incentives for donations and the youtube links below of the amazing performers I have linked up. $8,000 is the minimum I need to raise for this show to happen. If I am able to raise this $8,000 I intend to produce more music performances, plays, and even films. So please pledge and awesome happiness can be shared with a whole lot of people, not just me!


Catherine Taormina a fun, energetic & extremely involved in creative and performance arts. Her most notable movie credit is playing Paul Reiser’s mother and Peter Falk’s wife as Olympia Dukakis’ character as a younger woman in a flashback scene in the movie “The Thing About My Folks”. She also works behind the scenes in video production.

She is also known as Rockstar Sissy singer-songwriter-guitarist-pop-rock fun-punker composer of 23 fun, danceable, groovin’, catchy songs. With a background in writing poetry, she is author of the book of poetry “Chalkboard With A Bad Eraser” and also the handmade book “My Steaks Are Rare Put Up Your Dukes You Ain’t In The Ring With No Porkchop”, lyrics are noticeably smart and artistic. Unique style & presence with strong energy. She is a 3 year Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor and composed the song “I’m Too Young For This” for the organization Stupid Cancer/I2Y. She is an environmental steward and a conscious consumer. When she is not busy organizing, creating artwork, knitting or crocheting, she goes for a 4 mile run in Central Park and bops from here to there on her little foldable bike.


I will use a quote from Quentin Crisp here “It's no good running a pig farm badly for 30 years while saying, 'Really, I was meant to be a ballet dancer.' By then, pigs will be your style.” as by now I cannot run a pig farm.

Hi! It’s me! Your rockin’ Rockstar Sissy!

The kickstarter campaign I started still has more days to go and we could use your kick! Everyone I talk to about it gets excited about how fun this event would be!

Diverse musical acts all in one performance! Classical, contemporary, jazz, opera, rock, french chanson, dixieland and gutbucket blues! Please take a look at the very fun video I took the time to make describing my idea and wish!

I keep going over figures in my head like if 800 people pledge $10 then the project will be funded! Or if 130 people pledge $75 than not only will the project be funded, but each person would get a ticket to the show (or you can assign your ticket for a cancer survivor to come in place of you if you can’t make it or if you are a cancer survivor, it would be awesome if you can spread the word and get someone to sponsor your ticket!) Or, if 400 people donate $20 dollars then the project will be funded. $10 is the cost of one good lunch you may buy for yourself and then forget you ate by the next day! Of course, you can pledge less, ever bit helps!!! I have great an appearance in a Rockstar Sissy video or video project of mine!!! There is ad space in the program so if any business would like to participate, they can!

I did another fundraiser after I went through my cancer experience. Getting in shape and running that 1/2 marathon was very important to me and the funds raised went towards my getting to the marathon and the training helped my body heal. Running and athleticism are a hobby of mine while the rest of life is mostly consumed by the creative arts. This fundraiser is really the beginning of a new dream of mine, which, I know in my spirit is even more important than running is to my well-being! That is, having the control a producer has - which has to this point in my life been absent from my creative life. How amazing it would be if I called the shots when it came to my art, my music, my performance, my compensation and the well-deserved compensation of my fellow artists.

We already have 23 amazing donors to our campaign! We really only need a few more! Will you be the one? Thanks so much!

Most importantly, if I don’t meet the $8,000 goal, no one is charged the pledge they make, so why not consider it? If you pledge and I don’t make the goal, I will remember you as being warm-hearted and enthusiastic for me!

Pledge my kickstarter campaign!
Fun Fun Fun!

SAG-AFTRA-AEA aka Rockstar Sissy



Kickstarter Campaign:


Rockstar Sissy (pop-rocker funk-punker)

Jotan Afanador on drums
Joseph Wallace on bass

Nick Addeo operatic performance -

Inna Faliks Concert Pianist

The Hot Sardines - Dixieland, French Chanson & Gutbuck Blues

Anna Elizabeth Kendrick - Jazzy Bluesy Cabaret-esque Singer with the Jeevan D'Souza Trio

Nicky Addeo -Oldies, Contemporary, R&B

MC Johnny Petillo -

Phone: 212-333-3611