Monday, August 26, 2013

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place - August 26th 2013

Dixon Place presents...

"Salon Lounge at Dixon Place"

a monthly showcase of performance/literature/film-video by women

an International Women Artists’ Salon series

Monday, 26 August 2013 ~ NYC  ~ Host: Jenny D. Green

Historical Woman Artist Honoree:  Alice Guy-Blaché, considered the first woman filmmaker and director (ends tonight!)

Music: Hiromi Abe and Soli

The Duo Romi Abe and Soli will be performing some Brazilian music for this event. They will present all original songs which have been arranged and mixed a variety of styles of Brazil’s most celebrated music that includes samba, baião and bossa nova. They have been playing together since 2004.

Romi Abe is a pianist/keyboardist, and a composer, recording producer/engineer whose works have been performed in various types of productions in the US and Japan. Her works have been released through major and minor labels and also she has collaborated with other artists and DJs of multi genre characterizing NYC.

Literature: Barbara Clark
The Movie At The Back of My Mind, poetry series

I have been writing poetry since I was very young--influenced by all the usual notable writers--let's say I grew up with them---going from the classics to the romantics but am at this point mainly concerned with how history has affected my work. I write about everything--and believe that the image must carry the poem,  but I do have a deal of contemplation in my work about how to live in this world and with ourselves.   Because I am a therapist this aspect does show itself---we all live with a private internal history-one that is either helpful or not--and I try to evidence this in my work. I am also a painter and color for me is also important in my poems. 

Video: Annie Yan
New World Order

New Word Order
was edited with Final Cut Pro. All the graphics was created with FCP which isn't meant to do graphics since I didn't know how to use the other programs design for graphics. This project was exceptionally labor intensive.  

Annie Yan is an Independent Producer. The TV programs she produces tend to be educational and unconventional. New Word Order is her second series. Other programs she has produced are a game show and a short on earliest memories.

Theater: Jenny D Green and Katherine O'Sullivan
Marion Bridge by Daniel MacIvor, excerpts

Marion Bridge is about  three adult sisters who have gathered at their childhood home in Nova Scotia to care for their mother in her final days. The three women are a curious, troubled bunch. Agnes, whose hand is rarely without a drink, fled their rural Canadian home to make her way as an actor in Toronto; she's brought her personal theatrics with her on this trip home. Theresa is a nun who farms with her convent; a sliver of doubt has entered her life. And then there's Louise who has all but retreated from adult life in favor of disappearing into the world of soap operas and serials. Here we have monologues from Agnes and Theresa and a short scene between the two.

Katherine O’Sullivan fell in love with theatre, attending the Christmas "panto" in Dublin as a young child. She started training as an actor in Dublin and continues to develop her craft in New York. Since arriving in New York twenty one years ago, she has worked to expand and grow as an artist. She loves spending time at Dixon Place.   She is honored to be included with tonight’s salonistas.

Jenny D Green is a Brooklyn-based actor and producing artist. Favourite roles include Sara Pain, Dick Whittington (The OPTimistiks, Dixon Place), Maggie, the Men Commandments (Globus Theatre, LAB Ontario), Elizabeth, Tidings Brought to Mary (Storm Theatre, Hammerstein Ballroom). She enjoys hosting for the International Women Artists' Salon, including their weekly radio show and collaborations with Art Boundaries Unlimited and Origin Theatre. Hooray for Heidi!

Dance: Blue Muse Dance NY
Circle Bridge, preview

Blue Muse Dance NY is woking on "The Circle Bridge" new site-specific video and dance performance on the Pulaski Bridge of six connected personal stories of the citizens of Greenpoint and Long Island City.  Performance in October 2013. Blue Muse Dance is multi-performance arts collective that presents its work as well as film, music and other dance productions in Unites States and abroad.

Thank yous to Dixon Place and fabulous staff, Maggie Cousins (logo), Jenny D. Green (host and coordinator)

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