Sunday, November 28, 2010

Member Spotlight: Amanda Serrano, visual artist participates in Art Basel Miami Beach at CANDO Arts through January 10th, 2011‏

International Women Artists’ Salon is pleased to announce that Salon member Amanda Serrano is participating in Art Basel Miami Beach, with her piece Wave featured in a group exhibition at CANDO Arts in Miami Beach, December 1st - 5th.  Her work will stay on exhibit through January 10th, 2011 at CANDO Arts.

A message from Amanda:

"Art Basel is an entire season here in Miami.  Artists gear up and art fairs pop up all over the city like so many mushrooms.  As we local artists scramble to be seen (in case this is 'our year' to be discovered) and find an exhibition opportunity, it's easy to forget about The Reason for the Season:  Art Basel itself and all the galleries and artists of acclaim (mostly from otherwhere than here)!  If for no other reason, though, no local will forget...because of the traffic and flood of people from all over who descend on our Magic City; Culture Vultures, of the very best kind, we hope, who will explore not only The Fair, but also some of the numerous satellite fairs and local galleries!

It's an exciting time to be an artist in Miami, during Art Basel.  A season that in my opinion seems to dwarf Christmas in these parts!"

Wave, 2010, natural sea glass, stainless steel, wire, 62x48x6 inches

Artist Statement for Wave, by Amanda Serrano

Using unlikely material—sea glass and jump rings—I create intricate and ambitious sculptures and installations. Weaving thousands of stainless steel jump rings into lacy chain maille and sea glass designs which are then suspended from the ceiling, giving it a floating, fluid, luminous quality suited for large spaces and a profusion of light.

The obsessive, additive process of weaving jump rings into chain maille is appealing to me as the most direct way to build a connective tissue that best complements the glowing, translucent quality of natural sea glass.

Incorporating chain maille, a technique associated with medieval armor and battle, suggests battle for the environment against littering, pollution, dumping garbage in the ocean, and ultimately global warming. My work is intended to draw attention to the gravity of these issues, but my overall message is one of hope. The environment is capable of healing and cleansing itself of contamination that results from human activity. I am engaged in creating art that raises awareness about nature and it’s processes and the environmental problems we
face, focusing on the potential for rejuvenation of the ocean and Earth.

Nature’s formulation of sea glass from something discarded to something beautiful, speaks to the possibility of growth and transformation within each of us. Incorporating sea glass in sculpture presents an opportunity to evaluate my cultural perspective of disposable items, creating objects of beauty and celebration about hope and redemption, a reminder that the ocean is resilient and there is still time to save it.

Wave, detail

Amanda Serrano is a visual artist and sculptor.  Born in the United States, she has lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe, Mexico, as well as the U.S. She earned a bachelor of arts and a master's degree, and has studied at Academy of Art in San Francisco.  Inspired by the ocean's ability to transform discarded glass into perfectly and uniquely formed sandblasted gems, she turned her attention to developing eco-friendly contemporary sculpture that celebrates transformation, redemption, and beauty in everyday objects that are commonly
thrown away.

Amanda's studio is in the Wynwood Arts District, Miami, FL.

CANDO Arts Co-op is an artist run gallery in Miami Beach
(about a block away from the Bass Art Museum)

Reception for WET:  December 1, 7-11 PM
Group Exhibition runs through January 10, 2011
Juried and curated by Diane Camber

Address:  309 23rd St., Miami Beach, FL  33139
Hours:  Thursday & Friday, 4-7 PM; Saturday & Sunday, 12-6 PM; 
First Saturday of each month, 6-10 PM

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Member Spotlight: Dana Monagan, actor and producer‏

International Women Artists’ Salon congratulates Salon member Dana Monagan and her theater production company, BOO-Arts, on their grant and subsequent workshop production presentation of A Daughter of Israel, showcased November 11-21, 2010 in conjunction with The Looking Glass Space Grant Program.

Personal Message from Dana:
“I worked with a young woman named Adi Kurtchik in 2008 and she told me about this play based on her life in Israel. I read it and we did an initial play reading in 2008 for BOO. What struck me about the play was that it dealt with the fact that in Israel women are drafted into the military. I did not know this before, and I believe the idea that you will join the army is an idea that is foreign to most American women. I loved the play. I thought that it was a point of view worth exploring. As a rule I like to work with plays that have a point of view that is new to me, or that will provoke conversation among viewers.”


A Daughter of Israel 
A Play by David Stallings
based on the true story of co-creator Adi Kurtchik
Directed by Kathleen O'Neill

Featured (in order of appearance) - Daniella Chai, Melanie Brook, Shira Kobren, Melissa Dougherty, Adi Kurtchik

Production Team - Blair Mielnik, Ryan Metzler, Sarah Bertolozzi, Dana Monagan, London Griffith, Sivan Adari, Lindsay Moore

Bootcamp Trainer - Kenny Wong


Engulfed within the backdrop of the never ending "situation" that affects the Middle East, four Israeli girls are forced to become instant women when drafted into a special unit that only their MP believes is viable and forces them to excel. Set in a boot camp in Israel, the story unfolds through the words and eyes of the four teenage girls. Laughter, tears, pride, song, sex and love weave their many colors to reveal a rich tapestry of life from these young voices tempered by the MP. A Daughter of Israel is based on the true stories of co-creator Adi Kurtchik.

DANA MONAGAN is an actor/director and producer, originally from Gordonsville, Virginia. Ms. Monagan moved to New York in 1992.

Ms. Monagan’s producer credits include last year's Midtown International Theater Festival favorite Penang, Sketch Comedy Group Controlled Chaos, and this year’s Ingenious festival at Manhattan Theatre Source and Mrs. Warren's Profession.

Ms. Monagan is a founding member of BOO-Arts, established with her producing partner Kathleen O'Neill, founded in 2007. She is the producer of BOO-Arts Multicultural Reading Series whose works so far have included Alice Childresse's The Wedding Band and David Hare's Fanshen and new works by David Stallings and Vickie Ramirez.

Ms. Monagan has also assisted directed on Manhattan Theatre Source's House of Bernarda Alba in 2007 and 12 Angry Women in 2008.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Member Spotlight: Kera MacKenzie presents Subluxation, a video and sound collaborative work, featured in Brooklyn's BETA Spaces, Nov. 14th‏

International Women Artists’ Salon is pleased to announce Salon member Kera MacKenzie showcases her collaborative work with partner Eric Miller in Subluxation during Arts in Bushwick's BETA Spaces 2010.    

Kera is currently in Berlin for an artist residency, but invites you to attend this showcase of artists in Buswick.  She would love to hear your feedback.  
Contact her at

Sunday, November 14, 201012-7pm, Free 41 White StreetBrooklyn, NY

I FALL, I FLOW, I MELT is a video art show featuring work that explores the idea of escape by means of psychological transportation or transformation. Some ideas that might be considered: to be immersed in a moment of hypnosis, magnificent visions, and dreams; flux and impermanence; to diminish, deteriorate, or disappear. Selected works by nine artists all capture the ephemerality of escape through visual representations, appropriations, anomalies, or abstractions using single or multi-channel, time-based media.
Participating artists: Karen Y ChanYoon ChoElaine DespinsBat-Sheva GuezJeremiah JonesMartyna StarostaSubluxation (Kera MacKenzie & Eric Miller)Jayoung YoonFrank Zadlo
Curated by: Karen Y Chan

Link to the map of all the shows in the area:‬

Subluxation was formed in 2008 as a collaborative project between sound artist Eric Miller and video artist Kera MacKenzie. They are focused on developing a dialogue between imagery and sound which denies a hierarchical structure, instead opting for an asynchronous or ambiguous relation between the two media. In previous works, they have employed iterative feedback, ((de)composition) paraconsistency, (Dislocation/Dislocation/Relocation) and substrate neutrality (Fragments). Their interest lies in instilling apophenia in their audience and pointing out the mutability of what constitutes the real.

This three piece compilation, created by Subluxation from 2008-09, is an experiment with the effect of media anteriority. The first piece, Dislocation of Malpositioned Static Images, began as a sound composition with video added subsequently. The second piece, Dislocation of Annular Systemic Formations, followed a reciprocal process (video first, then sound). In the third piece, Relocation of Significant Structural Damage, the anteriority of the video or audio at any given point was blurred using real-time and offline processes in which sonic elements controlled visual elements and vice verse. This piece was assembled from the source material for the first two pieces which consisted of analog film, microscopic images, digitally synthesized imagery/sounds and modified acoustic instrument samples. Relocation of Significant Structural Damage has remained an open work that has been reconfigured on numerous occasions emphasizing the importance of context over content.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Member Spotlight: Nuria Rabanillo de la Fuente, Solo exhibition of paintings Nov. 11th - December 12th, reception Thursday, Nov. 11th, 6-8pm‏

International Women Artists’ Salon is pleased to announce Salon member Nuria Rabanillo de la Fuente’s solo exhibition at Manhattan Theatre Source.
Acrylic on Canvas
90 X 36 In

 Solo exhibition of paintings by

 Nuria Rabanillo de la Fuente

Manhattan Theatre Source
November 11th – December 12th

Opening reception is Thursday, November 11th, 6-8pm

Manhattan Theatre Source177 MacDougal StreetNew York, NY 10011
Located on MacDougal Street between West 8th and Waverly (Washington Sq. Park North), on the West side of the street. Directions below.
Play Reservations: 866-811-4111
Business: 212-260-4698

manhattantheatresource is openSun - Tue, Noon to 10pm, Wed - Sat, 3pm - 10pm**or when the play is over.

For general manhattantheatresource questions email:
For exhibition questions email Heidi Russell, Curator:

Acrylic on Canvas
54 x 36 in.
Nuria Rabanillo de la Fuente was born in Zamor, Spain.  She received her degree in Applied Arts and Crafts from C / Marqués de Cubas in Madrid, Spain in 1991. 
Ms. Rabanillo de la Fuente received a grant from the Ministry of Industry of the Board of Castile Mancha (Toledo Project) to study in Milan, Italy with the Istituto Europeo di Design (Centro
Ricerche), where she received her Master of Design degree in 1994.   Her works have been exhibited in Spain and New York. 
Ms. Rabanillo de la Fuente currently lives and works in New York City.  
More of her work can be viewed on her website at:

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas  
56 x 38 In

Take the A, B, C, D, E, F, or V to the West 4th St. station. From 6th Avenue, walk one block east on West 8th and turn right onto MacDougal Street. The theatre is immediately on your right.
From 6th Avenue, turn right onto West 8th. At the next corner, turn right onto MacDougal Street. The theatre is immediately on your right.On-street parking and local garages are readily available. Be sure to check signs and observe all parking regulations.
2 5th Avenue GarageFrom 6th Ave/Avenue of the Americas, turn right onto W 8th St., turn right onto 5th Ave.

2 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011(212) 254-7786MUNY free parking on weekends

Member Spotlight: Caren Jo Shapiro, painter, participates in group exhibition "Body Image" at virtual and physical Pen and Brush Galleries through Dec. 11th‏

International Women Artists’ Salon is pleased to announce Salon member Caren Jo Shapiro is exhibiting three paintings in Pen and Brush’s  exhibition Body Images, on view in their physical gallery as well as in their online virtual gallery.


Body Image - Physical Exhibition
November 11th – December 5th
Artist Opening Reception: Thursday, November 11th, 4 - 7pm

Pen and Brush
Gallery Hours: Thurs/Fri 4-7pm, Sat/Sun 1-5pm, Closed on Thurs. Nov. 25th in observance of holiday

Body Image Virtual Exhibition
November 11th – December 5th
Thurs., Nov. 11th 4-7pm

Women on Red”

Body Image presents a diverse exploration of female and male forms as reflected in our minds, imagination, media, and culture.
Body Image is a two-part all media event, comprising an online gallery accessible through and a physical gallery in our Manhattan building.  Each gallery will exhibit distinct work.

Pen and Brush
16 East 10th StreetNew York, NY 10003between 5th Ave. and University Place Subways: L,N,Q,R,W,4,5,6 (Union Square)Buses: M1, M3, M6


Devilish Queen”
 Grappling with issues of abuse, gender, femininity, masculinity, and sexuality my paintings confront the overly consumed, idealized and oppressive values inherent in society.  Through psychological, expressionist portrayals of ‘real’ human beings, my work exposes the impact of, and adaptations to a society which frequently denies the oppression and abuse inherent within it.
Defined by expressive, broad strokes of unapologetic color, the subjects of my work demand that the covert truths behind their existence be laid bare. Grappling with emotional and physical survival, conveyed through scale, color, brushstroke and occasionally text, are flawed yet remarkable individuals.
In addition to painting I am a licensed psychotherapist, who provides counseling services on the Lower East Side primarily to women and members of the LGBT community. or at (Caren Shapiro) / / (917-439-9103) 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Member Spotlight: Crystal Gregory - public art commission, Foot Traffic in Lefferts Gardens, Prospect Park, Brooklyn - On View for One Year!! - Artist Talk/Opening Nov. 4th‏

International Women Artists’ Salon is pleased to announce the opening of a commissioned public work by Salon member Crystal Gregory, Foot Traffic in Lefferts Gardens, Prospect Park, Brooklyn.  Please join her tonight for her artist talk on location.  Follow along her installation process and life of this public work via the LinRoFORMA blog at

Her invitation and details below…

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to invite you to an artist talk and the opening reception of Foot Traffic, a public art work in Lefferts Gardens. I was asked by the Lincoln Road Block Association and given a grant from the New York City Department of Transportation to install a public art piece on the foot bridge on Lincoln Road in Lefferts Gardens. I hope you can join me tomorrow night for a short artist talk and reception at the project.


Foot Traffic

Artist Talk on the bridge
6:00 pm
Lincoln Road Foot Bridge (between Ocean Ave and Flatbush)
At the B Q Prospect Park Metro Stop

Please join us after the talk for a reception at K Dog and Dunebuggy Cafe, 43 Lincoln Road

Foot Traffic
By Crystal Irene Gregory

For years, a “chandelier” of shoes flung by neighborhood youth dangled from wires over the Lincoln Road bridge. The Foot Traffic installation was inspired by this urban image and the shoelace material. The overall piece combines ideas of movement, comfort and reclaiming community.

The installation was sponsored by LinRoFORMA (Lincoln Road b/w Flatbush and Ocean Residents and Merchants Association) and funded by a pARTtners grant from the NYC Department of Transportation’s Urban Art Program.

For more information:

Crystal Gregory is a multi media artist creating works that focus on urban landscape, home, and handwork. Her materials are domestic, architectural, and organic. The art operates as both sculpture and site specific installation. Lace and cloth and their collective relationships to psychogeographies, domesticity, privacy and personal space are the tools she uses to communicate within her work. Her installations and component sculptures are hybridized spaces, fragile and distressed. Her practice is divided into community outreach projects, studio practice and public art.

Currently living and working in New York her work has been written about in ArtSlant and Kipton Art. PS 122 Gallery hosted Crystal for in a six week performative installation, On the Fence. Other shows include Art in Odd Places, Fair Folk & a Goat, as well as Giacobetti Paul Gallery Dumbo. She is currently working with an architectural firm (SL Designs) on permanent installations and is a recent recipient of a public art grant from the Department of Transit NYC. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Oregon with a focus in Fiber Arts.