Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Member Spotlight: Dana Monagan, actor and producer‏

International Women Artists’ Salon congratulates Salon member Dana Monagan and her theater production company, BOO-Arts, on their grant and subsequent workshop production presentation of A Daughter of Israel, showcased November 11-21, 2010 in conjunction with The Looking Glass Space Grant Program.

Personal Message from Dana:
“I worked with a young woman named Adi Kurtchik in 2008 and she told me about this play based on her life in Israel. I read it and we did an initial play reading in 2008 for BOO. What struck me about the play was that it dealt with the fact that in Israel women are drafted into the military. I did not know this before, and I believe the idea that you will join the army is an idea that is foreign to most American women. I loved the play. I thought that it was a point of view worth exploring. As a rule I like to work with plays that have a point of view that is new to me, or that will provoke conversation among viewers.”


A Daughter of Israel 
A Play by David Stallings
based on the true story of co-creator Adi Kurtchik
Directed by Kathleen O'Neill

Featured (in order of appearance) - Daniella Chai, Melanie Brook, Shira Kobren, Melissa Dougherty, Adi Kurtchik

Production Team - Blair Mielnik, Ryan Metzler, Sarah Bertolozzi, Dana Monagan, London Griffith, Sivan Adari, Lindsay Moore

Bootcamp Trainer - Kenny Wong



Engulfed within the backdrop of the never ending "situation" that affects the Middle East, four Israeli girls are forced to become instant women when drafted into a special unit that only their MP believes is viable and forces them to excel. Set in a boot camp in Israel, the story unfolds through the words and eyes of the four teenage girls. Laughter, tears, pride, song, sex and love weave their many colors to reveal a rich tapestry of life from these young voices tempered by the MP. A Daughter of Israel is based on the true stories of co-creator Adi Kurtchik.

DANA MONAGAN is an actor/director and producer, originally from Gordonsville, Virginia. Ms. Monagan moved to New York in 1992.

Ms. Monagan’s producer credits include last year's Midtown International Theater Festival favorite Penang, Sketch Comedy Group Controlled Chaos, and this year’s Ingenious festival at Manhattan Theatre Source and Mrs. Warren's Profession.

Ms. Monagan is a founding member of BOO-Arts, established with her producing partner Kathleen O'Neill, founded in 2007. She is the producer of BOO-Arts Multicultural Reading Series whose works so far have included Alice Childresse's The Wedding Band and David Hare's Fanshen and new works by David Stallings and Vickie Ramirez.

Ms. Monagan has also assisted directed on Manhattan Theatre Source's House of Bernarda Alba in 2007 and 12 Angry Women in 2008.


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