Saturday, November 13, 2010

Member Spotlight: Kera MacKenzie presents Subluxation, a video and sound collaborative work, featured in Brooklyn's BETA Spaces, Nov. 14th‏

International Women Artists’ Salon is pleased to announce Salon member Kera MacKenzie showcases her collaborative work with partner Eric Miller in Subluxation during Arts in Bushwick's BETA Spaces 2010.    

Kera is currently in Berlin for an artist residency, but invites you to attend this showcase of artists in Buswick.  She would love to hear your feedback.  
Contact her at

Sunday, November 14, 201012-7pm, Free 41 White StreetBrooklyn, NY

I FALL, I FLOW, I MELT is a video art show featuring work that explores the idea of escape by means of psychological transportation or transformation. Some ideas that might be considered: to be immersed in a moment of hypnosis, magnificent visions, and dreams; flux and impermanence; to diminish, deteriorate, or disappear. Selected works by nine artists all capture the ephemerality of escape through visual representations, appropriations, anomalies, or abstractions using single or multi-channel, time-based media.
Participating artists: Karen Y ChanYoon ChoElaine DespinsBat-Sheva GuezJeremiah JonesMartyna StarostaSubluxation (Kera MacKenzie & Eric Miller)Jayoung YoonFrank Zadlo
Curated by: Karen Y Chan

Link to the map of all the shows in the area:‬

Subluxation was formed in 2008 as a collaborative project between sound artist Eric Miller and video artist Kera MacKenzie. They are focused on developing a dialogue between imagery and sound which denies a hierarchical structure, instead opting for an asynchronous or ambiguous relation between the two media. In previous works, they have employed iterative feedback, ((de)composition) paraconsistency, (Dislocation/Dislocation/Relocation) and substrate neutrality (Fragments). Their interest lies in instilling apophenia in their audience and pointing out the mutability of what constitutes the real.

This three piece compilation, created by Subluxation from 2008-09, is an experiment with the effect of media anteriority. The first piece, Dislocation of Malpositioned Static Images, began as a sound composition with video added subsequently. The second piece, Dislocation of Annular Systemic Formations, followed a reciprocal process (video first, then sound). In the third piece, Relocation of Significant Structural Damage, the anteriority of the video or audio at any given point was blurred using real-time and offline processes in which sonic elements controlled visual elements and vice verse. This piece was assembled from the source material for the first two pieces which consisted of analog film, microscopic images, digitally synthesized imagery/sounds and modified acoustic instrument samples. Relocation of Significant Structural Damage has remained an open work that has been reconfigured on numerous occasions emphasizing the importance of context over content.

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