Sunday, January 6, 2013

Salon Solo: Alli Silver, Visual Artist

dali, 24x18, duct tape on canvas, $400.00

International Women Artists’ Salon presents street artist Alli Silver, in her first New York City Show!

Suburban mommies make the best vandals! 

The International Women Artists' Salon presents @lli, a street artist bringing her duct taped and sprayed stencils to her first New York City solo exhibition. 

clover, 18x14 {unframed artwork},
sharpies on canvas, NFS

Opening reception is January 8, 2013 from 7 to 9 pm at the Producers Club... light refreshments will be served and there is a bar at the venue...hope to see you there... 

The Producers Club
358 W 44th St 
New York, NY 10036
Tuesday, January 8, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EST)

The show will run through Jan 26th.

tetris, size varies according to placement,
spraypainted VHS tapes, NFS

Artist Statement

I am an artist. I create art for about 17 different reasons and each reason is born from the same place…because I don’t know how not to create it. Every object is an art supply or tool and every surface is a canvas. Current favorites include duct tape, VHS/cassette tapes, hardware and discarded game pieces. Upcycling unused items into art fascinates me, I am easily amused for hours with a few cans of spray paint, and I believe in fairies so over the years, I’ve created an entire world of them 

I have found that art has no boundaries. There are very few rules here and the ones that remain have become optional, which allows for freedom. Freedom to create and express. Freedom to imagine the impossible and the freedom to know that it is only impossible until it happens. This is the only place in the universe where triangle pegs fit perfectly into round holes. 

I am an artist. A street artist. This is the place that I want to live forever. To celebrate and cry, to think and breathe. To just be. 

Thank you for visiting my world…

 dr. noose & the snitches, 12x9 {unframed artwork},
sharpies on bristol board, NFS

More from @lli

i am a vandal. and a libra.
i like making pretty things {depending on one's definition of pretty}.
i love fruit loops, buddhas, chucks, and coffee.
really. that's pretty much the whole story.