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Salon Solo: Joanne Morton - {r}Evolution has Begun - Magic Passion Love Style!

The International Women Artists' Salon is Proud to Present Joanne Morton's Magic Passion Love...

{r}Evolution has Begun - Magic Passion Love Style!

Artist Reception - July 23 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates:  July 15 - 29

Producer's Club:  358 West 44 St @ 9th Avenue

been three years since artist, Joanne Morton left her East Village apartment of 15 years to travel around the USA to share the 3 Words she heard in 2003, while walking her dog on Ave A - Magic Passion Love. Since those three words: Magic Passion Love came to her, Joanne has found the Courage to take the leap to Allow Magic - Feel Passion - Live Love 24/7!   When you have the COURAGE to be your true self - miracles happen!

Joanne is excited to share Magic Passion Love again with the city that inspired her to Allow Feel Live!

What is  Magic Passion Love (MPL) is a renewable, sustainable energy source found within all of us. When used, life feels good... when shared, WOW!

In April 2010, Joanne left NYC to go on the road with the MPL- USA Art Tour: sharing positive energy from sea to sea!

The first year & half were slow -- spending the first year on Tybee Island, GA working with local artist Denise Elliot Vernon re-open Dragonfly Studios then she moved into Savannah.  

was after the Occupy Wall Street movement started to expand from NYC to
other cities that Joanne realized it was time for her to take her art on the road. Starting on Martin Luther King Day 2012, she traveled for six months in her blue mini-van around the country with her public art project, “Mass Manifesting Mobile”.  This simple yet powerful,  Interactive Public Positive Art Project - Mass Manifesting Mobile, is proof that people are interested in co-creating together – there are over 300 pieces that represent the 100%. AND it is still growing!

The Mass Manifesting Mobile

is an opportunity for people to publicly and proudly share the sometimes hidden and protected desires of our hearts and souls. The Mass Manifesting Mobile is made up of a collection of “Affirmation Art” that people hang together after writing their positive affirmations/intentions on them.  The ultimate purpose of the Mass Manifesting Mobile is to give everyone more freedom to allow their magic, feel their passion, and live their love!  The circles are made out of recycled food boxes.  They are hung in a row either on the wall or in the center of the room.

The real ART Joanne encountered were the PEOPLE who participated in the project!

who are committed to co-creating abundance & well being for themselves and their communities. The Mass Manifesting Mobile reflects these people --  including Union Workers in Savannah, School Children in Tallahassee, Radical Fairies in New Orleans and Lutheran Church Ladies in Beaumont, Tx!  She stayed with CouchSurfing hosts, camped at Occupy Tallahassee, arrived just in time for the start of Mardi Gras, enjoyed music at SxSW and saw the Grand Canyon at dawn are some of the stories she  shares.   It doesn’t matter age, race, sex, or political party - when asked what your heart’s desire is - all of our answers are very  similar.  Especially the children.  We are not listening to our children - and we are here for them..


currently resides in Savannah where she is artist in residence and art gallery curator at Anahata Healing Arts (AHA).  She offers private &group Positive Energy classes & is a certified Angel Tarot Card reader.  

her spiritual business co-creators, Lynn Geddes & Joshua Gray Hamilton, they are co-creating a sacred space for the community to uplift - create - share positive energy. AHA is available for personal unique vacation retreats & workshops/events

For more information: please email or call 917.676.4280  or

enjoy your day,

Joanne Morton
positive energy artist

@ Anahata Healing Arts


Allow your Magic - Feel your Passion - Live your Love!
magic passion love is a renewable, sustainable POSITIVE energy source found within all of us. When used, life feels good, when shared, WOW!

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