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Salon Radio Features InScena! NY Festival: Italian Artists in NY - May 4, 2017

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We bring this show's guests to you in collaboration with Kairos Italy Theater, kicking off their annual InScena! Italian Theatre Festival in New York! Irene Turri will present actresses Elena Dragonetti and Claudia Lerro, who are presenting their shows "Ten" and "Riccardo And Lucia" for the first time in the United States!

Salon Radio is rounded out as always with our Women in Art World Bulletin highlighting news about women in all The Arts tonight with editor Jenny Green and our Salon Bulletin for upcoming week's happenings of Salonistas around the world (Casey Abesoneditor). Our sound engineer is musician Jade Zabric.

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Thank you to tonight's sponsor: Kairos Italy Theater
From May 1-15, 2017, Kairos Italy Theater (KIT), the preeminent Italian theater company in New York, brings back to NY for 5th edition IN SCENA!, the first Italian theater festival to take place in all 5 NYC boroughs. This 15-day festival will offer 7 fully-staged productions from Italy, special events, readings, among other events and activities. All are presented in Italian and English or with English supertitles, curated by Kairos Italy Theater. The 2017 edition features shows bringing real stories about immigration (to and from Italy), the post WWII, discrimination of LGTB under the Nazi, among others. ADMISSION IS FREE TO ALL EVENTS (with suggested donation.) for further information and to reserve a seat go to 

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RICCARDO E LUCIA with Claudia Lerro and Pio Stellaccio
Ph: Patrizio Cocco

In Scena! aims to present – each year – a survey of the best Italian Theater, from Italy, in New York. It features full productions that have already toured in Italy as well as readings of Italian plays in translation, workshops, lectures and exchanges between Italian and International artists. The goal is to promote greater awareness of Italian theater and Italian artists among New York theatergoers, and to build a bridge between the artistic scenes in Italy and New York, so that they may each support and inspire the other. Artistic Directors are Laura Caparrotti and Donatella Codonesu. Co-produced by Carlotta Brentan

For more info visit


RICCARDO E LUCIA with Claudia Lerro and Pio Stellaccio
Ph: Patrizio Cocco

CLAUDIA LERROClaudia Lerro has an Acting degree from the Accademia teatrale ITACA (associated with LAMDA, London) and graduated Cum Laude with a dissertation in contemporary drama. She then joined the company Teatro dei Borgia, and acted with them at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in English, and then in a leading role in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida. Since 2010 she has worked with numerous Roman companies including Teatro Instabile, Cassiopea, Rosi Giordano, while continuing her training with teachers including Giancarlo Sepe, Andrea Cosentino, Eleonora Danco, Sergio Rubini, Alberto Lori, Danio Manfredini. She has appeared in various films including “Marina”, directed by Academy Award nominee Stijin Conix, “Amiche da morire” by G. Farina, and played the female lead in “Ameluk” by Mimmo Mancini. She was a language coach for Argentinian actress Liz Solari for P. Genovese’s latest film “Sei mai stata sulla luna?” In 2009 she was a semi-finalist for the Premio Scenario – Ustica award with Miss Landmine. Con i piedi per terra, which she wrote and performed. In 2013 she won the “Salviamo i talenti – Attilio Corsini” award for Riccardo and Lucia, which she wrote and directed, and co-created the theater company Teatrificio 22 alongside Simona Oppedisano

RICCARDO E LUCIA with Claudia Lerro and Pio Stellaccio
Ph: Patrizio Cocco

RICCARDO AND LUCIA"As the audience takes their seats, a woman is alone on stage, waiting for there to finally be silence. “Finally,” after a lifetime of pain, of absences, of broken promises – but also of laughter, wonder and love. That’s life. An uninterrupted succession of darkness and light, of springtime and winter. That woman, the one who waits, without moving, for the show to start and for life to end, is Lucia: my grandmother. This is her story: her winters, her springtimes. Hers, and that of her one eternal love: Riccardo, my grandfather. The story I’m telling is entirely true. Sometimes unbelievably, paradoxically true. That’s life: sometimes it’s too wonderful to be true, sometimes it’s too bitter to stand. I didn’t write this story alone. I wrote it together with Riccardo and Lucia: with the rarefied memories of my grandmother Lucia, and the personal journal and notes of my grandfather Riccardo. At Lucia’s funeral, not long ago, while the hearse drove through the center of my town, the elderly residents sitting on the benches all stood up and removed their hats, saluting her life. That same respect, that celebration of life in its painful and happy simplicity, is the starting point of my play." C.L.


ELENA DRAGONETTIActress, author and director, graduated from the Acting School of the TEATRO STABILE in Genova with numerous artistic collaborations behind (actors of the company Peter Brook, Living Theater, French Grand Bal Company). Dragonetti also signs the show's performance together with Raffaella Tagliabue, actress and director who works dividing between the Stables of Genoa and Turin, the Teatro della Tosse in Genoa and the Theatro della Contraddizione in Milan. The production is Narramondo (Genoa), an association that was born in 2001 with the need to stage a civil theater that tells the "wounds of present time". The show also won the Calandra 2014 (Best Performance, Best Director, Best Actress) Prize and received the Special Mention at the 2015 Job Stories Film Festival.

TEN with Elena Dragonetti
Ph: Valeria Chiara Puppo

Ten is a play in which ten characters tell their stories through ten monologues. Where ten lives - narrated by ten different voices -paint the dense and variegated landscape of Naples. Naples isn’t just a geographical area; it’s a universal reality that contains within itself the hidden creases of the human spirit. Ten like the Ten Commandments. After which each of the monologues is named. And to which each character is linked.
Ten isn’t just Naples. It’s that peculiar human ability to survive in the most extreme conditions, to accept and to normalize even the intolerable. It’s a show in which to recognize some of the weariness of existence, and perhaps in which to find – between the lines – a possible escape. And in spite of everything that emerges from the stories, Ten is also sweetness, kindness, and poetry – things that don’t seem at first to be able to exist in these men, women and children who are so angry at life. On stage there is only one actress, who brings to life the sounds of those voices that come from the street, from dark alleyways – of those songs, those noises, those silences.

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