Saturday, March 15, 2014

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place - March 15th 2014

Dixon Place presents...

"Salon Lounge at Dixon Place"

a monthly showcase of performance/literature/film-video by women

an International Women Artists’ Salon series

Saturday, 15 March 2014 ~ Host: Heidi Russell

Historical Woman Artist Honoree: Susan Macdowell Eakins (1851-1938), American Painter and Photographer

Music: Marye Lobb

sneak previews of third album

These songs are She was inspired the ukulele and winter walks in the woods when writing these songs.

Born in the Midwest and raised in Rochester, NY, Marye trotted the globe in search for inspiration and purpose. After listening to sounds and taking in the culture of Ireland, Norway, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, she found herself singing songs and playing guitar in New York City clubs. With her Quaker and Buddhist ideas at heart, she put herself through school at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Upon graduation, she released Finding Home in response to her travels. After living in New York City for a few years she released NOT AT WAR and did a national tour to celebrate the work. Now back in New York City she teaches and performs and is writing her third album. You can buy her 1st and 2nd album tonight: Finding Home and NOT AT WAR.

Video: Paula Brett

Fence Dance

From color-infused paintings and candy mandalas to video self-portraits, Paula Brett’s broad body of work incorporates various combinations of media dealing with ideas such as created identity, coincidence, ritual, and transitory spaces. She currently resides in Tampa, Florida where she maintains a studio.

Literature: Jane Hoppen

In Between

This reading will be from an excerpt of Jane Hoppen’s debut novel, In Between. You will meet Sophie, a 14 year old who was born as an intersexual in the early 1960s, and sexually reassigned into as much of a female as possible. In this scene, Sophie learns the truth of how she was born and what was done to her.

Jane Hoppen has worked as both a technical and creative writer for more than two decades. Her fiction has been published in various magazines, including Story Quarterly, Western Humanities Review, The Dirty Goat, PANK, Feminist Studies, and Gertrude Journal. Her debut novel, In Between, was released December 2013.

Theater: 4th U VDay with Siobhan O’Loughlin

Exerpts from The Good Body by Eve Ensler

The Good Body turns a unique eye to the female form. Whether undergoing botox injections or living beneath burqas, women of all cultures and backgrounds feel compelled to change the way they look in order to fit in. The Good Body merges cross-cultural explorations with Eve’s own personal journey.

Siobhan O'Loughlin is a Brooklyn-based writer, performer and activist from Maryland. As a self-produced solo artist, Siobhan has toured both of her solo shows globally, and continues the tour of Natural Novice, her personal storytelling docu-drama about female body hair, this spring and summer.

International Women Artists’ Salon
is a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural global organization of women making art in the world today.

Music+Dance+Video+Film+Comedy+Theater+Writing+Visual Arts+Fashion+Architecture+Design+et al.
Twitter: @womenartsalon
Facebook Fan Page: International Women Artists’ Salon

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