Thursday, September 15, 2011

Member Spotlight: Visual Artist Jennie Booth - Solo Exhibition- "The Universe Goes Looking 4 an Answer"

International Women Artists' Salon is thrilled to announce member Jennie Booth's solo exhibition of mixed-media paintings, "The Universe Goes Looking 4 an Answer" at Chashama 461 Studio Gallery, September 14, 2011 - Tuesday, September 27, 2011.

The Universe Goes Looking 4 an Answer

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Wednesday through Sunday, 1-6PM
Chashama 461 Studio Gallery, 461 W. 126th St, NYC

Opening Reception Friday, September 16th, 2011 6-9PM

Click HERE for directions.

Universe Gets a Query
4"w x 7" h 2011
oil/beeswax on paper

The Universe comes to Harlem from September 14-27, 2011 as chashama's 461 Gallery presents mixed-media paintings by New York City artist Jennie Booth. Booth fills the gallery with glowing portraits of an iconographic Universe walking through the landscape of her own Consciousness.

These oil and mixed media paintings express the power and vulnerability of the human psyche when faced with its own vast and mysterious nature. Having lost loved ones to the worst outcomes of mental illness, and having struggled for years herself with the crushing depressions of Bipolar II, she has experienced firsthand how "reality" is truly a projection of the mind, and the mind is vulnerable to the complex wiring of its motherboard, the brain.

Jennie Booth's iconography carries us through a world of Freaky Observers, vibrating Strings, life-anchoring yucca and blazing sunsets painted with jewel-like colors that have the feeling of stained glass. This layering of brain science, physics, psychology, icongraphic traditions and landscape tableaux speaks to the miracle of thought on the micro and macro scale.

Universe Goes Looking 4 an Answer
Oil/beeswax on Paper

Artist, Jennie Booth has exhibited her work nationally and internationally and is recipient of numerous grants and awards including a Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Studio Residency, Vermont Studio Full Fellowship, and Fundacion Valparaiso Residency in Spain. She works between New York City and Los Angeles, California

Sunset With Freaky Observers
10" x 10"  2010
Oil Beeswax on Canvas

Artist Statement
The central figure in my work is the Universal Self, wandering through a landscape of her own Consciousness. She is compassion, rationality, strength and kinetic energy.  Brain clouds hovering around her are the Freaky Observers of the Albrecht/SoroBoltzmann Brain Paradox; a play on the mathematical unlikelihood that we are here thinking at all.
Travel through the Egyptian Sahara in 2005 and White Sands Desert during a 2007 Artist Residency at Mano Y Mente in New Mexico allowed me to experience the awe and strange familiarity of being surrounded by an ocean of sand.  These vast, stark environments were the settings in which celebrated thinkers from both regions sought to answer fundamental questions and gain control of their worlds, resulting in The Eyptian Book of Emerging Forth Into the Light…..and the nuclear bomb. Quiet, immense and dazzling, I found the Desert ecosystem to be a potent symbolic parallel to our human presence on Earth: fragile, tentative and interdependent, yet ultimately alone.

PowerSource (The Universe Gets Juiced)
71/2" w x 6" h  2007
Oil/Beeswax on Paper

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