Sunday, September 4, 2011

Member Spotlight: Judith Z. Miller - "Celebration of Life!" Artists Commemorating 9/11

International Women Artists' Salon member Judith Z. Miller Invites You to Collaborate in the  Celebration of Life! “Be-In” Artists Commemorating 9/11

Come Celebrate LIFE on 9/11/2011
Artists Commemorating 9/11

(*RAIN DATES: Saturday, September 24 or in case of rain, Sunday, September 25th.)

In Park Slope's Lush Warren/ St. Mark's Community Garden (619-625 Warren St, Between 4th and 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY).

“Celebration of Life!” - a dance-percussive-art “Happening” - features Sticks & Stones healing ritual artist

Judith Z. Miller’s primal wearable art and sculpture made from trees and stones, set to a live soundscape of global rhythms by Music for the Masses DJ Neva Wartell, in Park Slope’s lush St. Marks/Warren Street Community Garden.

“Celebration of Life” will include dancers in body paint wearing Judith’s handmade, one-of-a-kind amulets, moving throughout the garden with her “Sacred Staffs” made from the roots and trunks of trees. Dancers will be accompanied by music spun by DJ Neva along with live percussion. The community will be invited to participate.

To RSVP, search Facebook:
Celebration of Life! “Be-In”
View Video Invitation:
Dancers will honor the earth by creating movement in response to the song “MANKIND” by MAURI, accompanied by live music.
Dancers, Choreographers, Percussionists, Body Painters, Poets & Writers, Photographers, Videographers, and advance & on-site Event Organizers are invited to collaborate. If you want to participate, please let us know what skills you'd like to share!

POTLUCK: Please bring food and non-alcoholic beverages to share. The grill will be fired up.

Featured Artists:
DJ NEVA (Music for the Masses) is an ethnomusicologist and long-time cultural activist. Along with performances at festivals and events, she co-produces "New York International" — NY’s longest-running weekly live-format World Music radio show — on Haitian community station Radio Soleil

More information:
Radio show archive:

Judith Z. Miller (Sticks & Stones) is a self-trained healing ritual artist who lives in an erotic, musical, spiritual universe. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the guiding force of her intuition, she draws and creates primal sculpture and wearable art from trees, stones and found objects, which she fashions into ritual staffs, instruments, wearable amulets, and employs in healing rituals.

To learn more about Judith Z. Miller, go to:

Partial list of collaborating artists:
Artist/Designer/Raconteur Thomas Lynn Pool will display his origami designs and shoot video.

Jazz improvisational and devotional vocalist Deborah Shelton will lead a song circle combining vocal improvisation and multi-part songs of faith, hope and love.
Dub Poet Infinity [] will perform.
Jim Su and Tyler P. Fairbanks [] will paint the dancers’ bodies and Ahuva Adanani will do makeup and hair.
Taino tongue drummer William Ruiz [] and percussionist Shoshana Jedwab [] will lead drum circles.

Brooklyn videographer Jett Cain a documentary, live music performance and music video producer will document the days’ events and create a music video.
We invite your collaboration, please contact and let us know what you’d like to contribute.

Please include the words “Celebration of Life!” in the subject line.

Event Hashtag: #911COL

Create a small temporary installation and document it for submission for "Return, Remember" sponsored by the Brooklyn Arts Council at Celebration of Life!

Return, Remember

Ephemeral Memorials in the Legacy of September 11th Deadline: September 30, 2011

For more information:

For information and inspiration, view this beautiful memorial on CityLore's website:


  1. Thank you International Women Artists' Salon for for featuring the event I'm producing - I'm thrilled!

    I'm putting a special shout out to local NYC VIDEOGRAPHERS with their own equipment: WE NEED YOU!

    I have a fantastic friend, Deborah Shelton, who just returned from an intensive workshop with the great Bobby McFerrin. Deborah is a highly skilled and really fun improvisational circle song leader. Deborah will be surrounded by dancers in body paint dancing with my staffs, and the dancers will be surrounded by percussionists. All will be inspired by the exciting global rhythms of DJ Neva.

    We plan to make a music video of this tune about the importance of preserving the earth:

    It's going to be quite a wonderful "scene."

    I need more videographers to properly cover all of the action in the song circle and to document all of the other events in the garden.

    VIDEOGRAPHERS: Come out, come out, wherever you are!

    If you are interested, please contact me, Judith Z. Miller ASAP at - and please put the word "VIDEOGRAPHER" in the subject line.

    Peace, Love & Passion!

    Judith Z. Miller

  2. Update: The Celebration of Life! "Be-In" is just around the corner - this Sunday! We've got 3 body painters, lots of dancers, an origami artist, a world music DJ, percussionists, painters, a dub poet, improvisational song circle, photographers, videographers - and - we're going to make a music video in a beautiful garden in Park Slope! And it's all-volunteer - WOW! Now, if Mother Nature will give us some SUN, everything will be grand! ... I do still need more videographers & photographers - so if you want to shoot something wonderful on 9/11 - c'mon down!

  3. I had so much fun attending to the said event here. Can't wait again for the next rain date. I'm really looking forward to it.