Friday, October 8, 2010

Member Spotlight: Wen Wen Lin and Marietta Fica - Visual Artists @

International Women Artists’ Salon is pleased to announce Salon members Marietta Fica and Wen Wen Lin are participating in Work Space Harlem's group exhibition as part of the Striver's Arts Circuit self-guided walking studio tour.

WorkspaceHarlem Presents "Perspectives"
as Part of Striver's Arts Circuit

Opening Reception: Friday, October 8, 6 - 9pm

Location: 2340 Fifth Avenue (Between 141st and 142nd Street) 
New York, NY 10037

SAC studio tour viewings: Saturday, October 9, from 9am to 6:00pm 
Sunday, October 10 from  9am to 6:00pm

Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday, 12pm - 6pm. Viewings are by appointment only.

"Perspectives" is a group exhibition showcasing an exciting and diverse range of mediums that include drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, collage as well as installation. In addition, the work addresses expressive content from commentary on social issues, to the use of deeply personal symbolism whether figurative or abstract, to the reconsideration of the mundane and whimsical. It is co-curated by Jill Austen and Dionis Ortiz.

The Strivers Arts Circuit event will also include an art market, where vendors from WorkspaceHarlem will be selling original wearable art, jade art, prints and apparel.

"Perspectives" will remain on view through Wednesday, October 20, 2010 and will feature the works of Gloria Adams, Gabriel Antoine, Jill Austen, Jasmine Balmat, Ard Berge, Sanford Biggers, Kristin Bressert, Jack Cesareo, Mila Dau, Raquel Fica, Corbin Frame, Emily Gibson,  Wilhemina Obatola Grant, Constance Gruen, June Kosloff, Bill Liebeskind, Wen Wen Lin, Ray Llanos, Alexis Neider, Dionis Ortiz, Risa Schneider, Jonathan Villoch,  Booker T. Williams, and Jing Yu.

The Strivers Art Circuit, SAC, now in it's 3rd year, is a self-guided walking tour of Harlem Art Venues and Artist Studios that surround the Strivers Row Historic District. Downtown there's SoHo...Uptown there's the SAC.

WorkSpaceHarlem is a new and exciting nexus for artistic production in New York City.  Located on Fifth Avenue at 141st Street, WorkSpaceHarlem has 50,000 sq feet of studio space. WorkSpaceHarlem is proud to offer New York City's art community affordable studio and gallery space. Over 50 artists from around the world now call WorkSpaceHarlem home.

Please contact Dionis Ortiz, General Manager

P: 646-274-1144 / 917.331.2913  


Wen Wen Lin
Bio: Born in Taiwan and came to the States after earning her BA in Chinese literature, Wen Wen Lin proceeded to get her MA in Comparative Literature before studying under abstract expressionist painter Larry Poon in Art Students’ League, in the heart of New York art world.  However, her final passion still remains on film and video production which combined all the element of the art in one---

Artist statement:for video installation:
Writing ON Light: Using Camera Lens, chance operation:
This is an experiment of Chance Operation-- of writing ON light using camera lens as pen, and motion as brush, & light as ink, from number one to number 49, each frame co-respondents to a number. How the photos turn out, the translation process from one form to the other, is completely left to chance. When writing different number, the light responds to the way camera as the pen is moving, thus creating an hauntingly beautiful abstraction and stream of light captured in motion and movement, curved and turn all according to the way the number is shaped.

Chance operation is according to John Cage, who is deeply indebted to Zen Buddhism in Japan at his time-- thus in this video, I implement John Cage's Music (Dream, 1948) for interpretation and enhancing the dream-like quality of life through the ephemeral light stream.

7 is number of cycles prevalently found in many ancient culture all over human civilization, and according to Tibetan Buddhism-- Tibetan Book of the Dead-- when the soul leaves the body, it goes on its ordeal for 49 days, confronted with toughest of the tests liken to what Buddha went through under the Bo Tree, as a cycle for it to find another pair of parents for rebirth, if it did not get devoured by fears & got astrayed. Thus number 7 (7 x 7), & 49 are 2 numbers that i am captivated in exploring deeper into in my study of chance operation, and the relationship of the creator and the created, the artist and the art work---
Photography and film editing by Wen Wen Lin

Marietta (Raquel) Fica
Bio: Ms. Fica started her career in Chile in 1994, working mainly in ceramics.  In 1997 she moved to New York and in 2002 she focused exclusively in painting and takes lessons at the Art Student League.  
In 2006 she studied with Chilean teacher and textile designer Jorge Fredes who introduced her to fiber arts.

Artist Statement:
My work often enphasizes color and texture through painting and fiber in an abstract way.  I take my subjects from things that touch with nature and daily life whichever it comes from...trips, people, relationships.

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