Friday, October 15, 2010

Finding Your Life Purpose Event a Success! More to Come!

A career coach, a Buddhist, and a clairvoyant walked into a room...

And the result was our first (of many) Downtown Dharma workshops.

We called it Finding Your Life Purpose.

Three speakers, one of whom is our salonista Erin Koch (, volunteered their time and expertise to get a room full of people unstuck and moving forward.

We heard from Kristina Leonardi ( about the importance of embracing the things you do that seem effortless as well as the things you consider flaws. Accept them and make them work for you. Tori Quisling ( conducted individual readings on people and was judged astoundingly accurate and insightful. She said some things about me (we've never met) that were specific and dead-on. Erin walked us through a beautiful meditation and guided us in a drawing exercise that was challenging and freeing in ways that have actually made a difference in how I am approaching the things in my life that need changing.

The next day I asked for feedback from our participants, and they wrote that they loved the workshop and want more. So I am telling you all this not only as a review of the workshop, but to let you all know it will happen again and again. The topics will vary, but in general we'll be discussing holistic and practicable ways to be your best self.

We will be looking for speakers, too, so if you believe you've got things to share, send me an email.

Hope your autumn is beautiful and I will see you at a future Salon event. As Woody Allen once said, "There are four beautiful days in New York City--and they're all in October."



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