Monday, June 28, 2010

Literary Night

On June 16th, 2010, the third installment of the Zero Gravity exhibition wrapped up at the Lolita Bar, a lovely little space that had hosted our two previous performance nights (dance/music and video/film) as well as keeping our visual art up on its candlelit brick walls from May until the end of June.

Literary night was well attended; in fact, the cozy downstairs space was completely packed. Hosted by Liz Gold, nine people read excerpts from their memoirs, poetry, and personal essays. Some readings were bold: Liz Gold traversed an emotional and sexual terrain from a submissive's point of view and Rose M. Santos-Cunningham provided an intimate behind-the-scenes look at love gained and lost in a long-term relationship.

Denise Linville read a chapter from her memoir about a young girl's growing awareness of the cracks in her parents' marriage. Detail and nuance were rendered with a sure and sophisticated hand. Sharp, humorous essays were the domain of Ashley Roberts in the form of quasi-imaginary letters between a Southern mother and her New York-citified daughter and Janet Iacobuzio deftly served up a hilarious tale of things lost in translation between Russian and American soap opera writers.

Christa Krenek read a collection of poems that explored the intensity of love and possession while M Avery Sispoidis' four poems were meditations on how the things we lose will change us.

Felice Cohen's story about the death of a former lover was remarkable for its detailed account of the protagonist going about her daily life while waiting for the final phone call. Emily Johnson (who's since moved to Chicago) sent in a story that she describes as being about the paradoxical advantages of friendship while looking for love.

So, a big thanks to those who participated, those who organized, and those who showed up and listened. And a nice shout out to the salonistas who brought amazing cookies and other delights. Cookies and beer are always a good thing, right?

As always, we are deeply grateful to Lolita's staff, Renee and Laura, for their gracious help in making all our events run smoothly, and to Katie, the bar's owner, who generously agreed to host our exhibition. See you all at the closing night party at Lolita, June 30th, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

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