Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Exhibition ONE: Zero Gravity - Film & Video Art Showcase

By Christa Krenek

On June 8th, 2010, many of us had the pleasure of partaking in the second installment of the Zero Gravity exhibition at the Lolita Bar, an amazing space that helped bring our inaugural exhibition to fruition!   Katie and Renee and all the staff at Lolita have been amazing supporters of artists and the community!

Friends, family, artists, and art appreciators new and old were present for this incredible event organized by salon member Kera MacKenzie, who traveled all the way from NH to help coordinate the technical design and program, and by salon member Marge Doherty, who documented our event in photographs.  Salon member Wen Wen Lin filled our mouths with tasty delights to match the deliciousness of the evening.

Seven salon members shared their works of art: their films were abstract, whimsical, or artistic, and every one of them amazingly expressive, filled with passion and promise.

Heba Amin's "City of Desire (Do I look like a slut?)" grabbed and held our attention with tempting visions.

Paula Brett's "Busking Bride, 2008" took us on a fantastical brave journey that carried an underlying message of embracing our shame, wearing it out in the open for everyone to see, and really owning it in order to open awareness and gain appreciation and acceptance.

Sivlana D'Mikos' "Trans-Soul" was a visual feast of the expression of energy through colors and movement. 

Kera MacKenzie's "Relocation of Significant Structural Damage" was an abstract demonstration of the marriage of sound to vision and how it transitions.

Sharine Mohamed's "Letter to My Father" was a multitextured piece exploring borders and boundaries that was candy for the eyes, food for the mind, and thought-provoking for the soul.

Christine Serchia's "Eliza as a Zoetrope" was a whimsical zoetrope that swung adorable Eliza to life right in front of our eyes.

Tricia Sellmer's "Walking in Victorine's Shadow" gave us an intimate view of Victorine Meurent and Tricia's quest to shed light and visually right a wrong.

We were then treated to a Q&A with Sharine and Kera!

 I was honored to be a part of an event showcasing such a large scope of talent.

And, as they say, all good things must come to a close.  We look forward to seeing everyone for tonight's closing party at Lolita Bar from 7-9pm where you can come have a drink, chat with your favorite artists, perhaps garner an autograph, and relish the afterglow of this amazingly successful inaugural exhibition! 

And, even before it's over, we are already looking forward to the next one!

A huge thanks to the talented and supportive Heidi Russell for harnessing, arranging, and displaying the talent of all these amazing women. That, my friend, is an art all in itself!


  1. Thanks so much for the comment about my film!! I would love it if I can have my website added to the Member's Websites...