Friday, April 21, 2017

Salon Radio Live Theatre series: Radio Kitchen Sink HR - April 21, 2017

International Women Artists' Salon series Salon Radio debuts a new series of Live (or recorded as-live) Theatre on Radio from March 17 through April 28th on City World Radio Network

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April 21st, 2017 Salon Radio Live Theatre presents...
The Opt Imistiks' Radio Kitchen Sink
That is, wireless plays by folk from across the Pond. Plays will be new & old, from home and away, but always entertaining and true. So put the kettle on, dust off yr Battenburg and enjoy these worlds.

This Week: A Sonnet, a Sheilagh and a Swipe Left!
It's Shakespeare's birthday so indulge in some hallowed, honeyed words. And sit tight for an all-new (recorded) rendition of Sheilagh Delaney's radio play, 'Sweetly Sings the Donkey' and a fresh airing of Fiona Walsh and Jenny Green's short on the digital dating game.

SWEETLY SINGS THE DONKEY by Sheilagh Delaney, features:-
(in order of appearance)
Jenny D Green
Eliot Salt
Emily Eden
Imani Asi
*with thanks to manhattan theatre source*

written by and starring Fiona Walsh & Jenny (D) Green
*with thanks to George Heslin and Origin Theatre Company's "1st Irish" Theatre Festival

and our gratitude to Shakespeare is implicit in any silly love song, barbed remark or witty one-liner!

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See you on the radio!
Synergistically Cheers ~
Heidi Russell, founder and producer

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