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Salon Radio presents: Unfinished Histories; She Was a Great Dad HR - March 30, 2017

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This week's show is hosted by Maureen Van Trease with guest presenter Helene Galek and features two special features this week:

Salon Radio Special 1:

She Was a Great Dad, written and performed by Susan Jeremy directed by Cheryl King, inspired by the life of 1950's trans muscian Billy Tipton.

The show features four characters all played by Susan who tell the story of how and why Billy (character name Johnny Swinton) came to live as a man.

Salon Radio Special 2:

Unfinished Histories - Activating Archives: the Alternative Theatre Movement Now, with director and co-founder Susan Croft

Unfinished Histories is a project documenting British alternative theatre, focused on the period 1968-88, including feminist, community, street, Black and Asian, LGBT, political, experimental, Disability Arts theatres. We record interviews, collect archive

material and share this history to inspire the present through exhibitions, talks, readings, discussions and our web site.

Salon Radio is rounded out as always with our Women in Art World Bulletin highlighting news about women in all The Arts tonight with editor Jenny Green and our Salon Bulletin for upcoming week's happenings of Salonistas around the world (Casey Abeson editor). Our sound engineer is musician Jade Zabric.

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Salon Radio Special 1: She Was a Great Dad, written and performed by Susan Jeremy directed by Cheryl King, inspired by the life of 1950's trans muscian Billy Tipton.

The show features four characters all played by Susan who tell the story of how and why Billy (character name Johnny Swinton) came to live as a man.

This is Susan"s 5th solo show. Susan started as a stand up in the 1990s and performed on the high seas with Olivia cruises. She then developed solo shows and has found success touring them throughout USA, Canada and Europe. She's been featured in Montreals Just for Laughs Festival along with South Carolinas Piccolo Spoleto festival. She's found a home in NY at La Mama etc and Dixon Place where her work can be both funny and dramatic and controversial.

Upcoming and Follow...

She was a great Dad will be featured in a reading series at La Mama etc on Saturday April 1st at 47 Great Jones Street which is La Mama's rehearsal studios. It is also booked for a full production in the HOT FESTIVAL at Dixon Place in JULY for two shows.

All information on Lamama .org and

Late breaking: a full production has been added for Tuesday, May 2nd at 7pm at the PIT on West 29th street. www.pit-


Salon Radio Special 2: Unfinished Histories - Activating Archives: the Alternative Theatre Movement Now, with director and co-founder Susan Croft

Unfinished Histories is a project documenting alternative theatre in Britain, focused on the period 1968-88. This period, following the end of theatre censorship in 1968 saw a remarkable upsurge of new work and an activist movement dedicated to taking theatre to new audiences, to make theatre with them and about experiences largely excluded from mainstream theatre, challenge existing definitions and experiment with new working methods and artistic vocabularies. Some of the 700+ companies set up over that period included theatre-in- education, lunchtime theatres, feminist theatre groups, community initiatives – taking professionals into working class and culturally excluded communities, street arts, which connected with protest movements and carnivals, Black and Asian and other minority theatres, the first out lesbian and gay companies, political theatres working for revolutionary change, highly innovative experimental groups, creating physical, visual work and performance art, new writing companies, Disability Arts groups, and many companies who were many of these things. Some still exist. Most have been neglected by theatre historians. Since 2006 when Susan Croft and Jessica Higgs set up the project, Unfinished Histories has recorded around 100 lengthy interviews with company originators, many of them now in their 60s, 70s and 80s, and begun to collect and preserve a scattered archive including posters, scripts, photographs, flyers, letters, props and audio-visual recordings through both physical and digital means. The archive is now housed at Bishopsgate Institute Library in London.

Working with volunteers and trainees we also aim to ensure the documentary record of theatre of this period is more complete. Central to the project is the need to share this past history to inspire a present of similar cultural exclusion and political challenge, through exhibitions, talks, readings, discussions, publications and our website.


Dr Susan Croft is Director, of Unfinished Histories, the oral and archival history project on Alternative Theatre in Britain in the 1960s -80s, which she founded in 2006 with Jessica Higgs. She is Clive Barker Research Fellow at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance. After working in the US with Omaha Magic Theatre, with Megan Terry and JoAnn Schmidmann, then as dramaturg, director and workshop leader in the alternative theatre scene, in 1986 she founded New Playwrights Trust, an organisation developing the work of new writers. She went on to teach Creative Arts/ Performance at Nottingham Trent and Manchester Metropolitan Universities before becoming Senior Curator (Contemporary Performance) at the V&A Theatre Museum. There her major exhibitions included Let Paul Robeson Sing! and Architects of Fantasy and she pioneered initiatives on audio-video documentation of performance and on diversity and inclusion and edited Black and Asian Performance at the Theatre Museum: a Users’ Guide. As Director of Unfinished Histories she has conducted numerous oral history interviews with individuals active in the movement. In 2013-14 she curated the exhibition and publication Re-Staging Revolutions: Alternative Theatre in Lambeth and Camden 1968-88. She has written extensively on women playwrights, including …She Also Wrote Plays: an International Guide to Women Playwrights (2001), the anthologies Classic Plays by Women, Votes for Women and Other Plays and Thousands of Noras: Short Plays by Women 1875-1920 (with Sherry Engle) on activist, suffrage and New Women drama and co-wrote How the Vote Was Won: Art, Theatre and Women’s Suffrage. She is currently working on books on Unfinished Histories; the influential community arts project Inter-Action; and an update of She Also Wrote Plays.

Artist Statement:
My research and professional practice as writer, curator, historian and dramaturg, from the 1980s onwards have, alongside developing new work as a dramaturg, focused on recording, preserving, exploring and reviving writing for theatre by historically marginalised groups and attempting to ensure that similar erasure and amnesia does not continue in relation to recent work. This has focused especially on work by: women, both historically and contemporary including international work in translation; Black and minority group writers, LGBT writers, collectives and alternative theatre makers; experimental practitioners, where work emerges from different kinds of devising process, writing for young people’s theatre, and various inter-sections between these areas of work.

This ongoing research and practice includes:

o Writing critical texts and bibliography,

o Staging rehearsed readings of ‘lost’ plays and developing relationships with theatres and companies,

o Creating exhibitions and events to engage new audiences with this work

o Advising on repertoire / plays to rediscover,

o Researching critical bibliographies including of women, Black British theatre, trade union plays ,

o Recording oral history interviews to document missing stories, process, context,

o Preserving archives, scripts and other records physically and digitally and encouraging this, where material is scattered and privately held,

o Making information available online to encourage access, use and engagement with these materials and histories.

In a theatre culture that seems increasingly divided between a product-hungry appetite for the new or engagement with a relatively narrow band of classics, this practice encourages, alongside these, a re-engagement with and valuing of the

richness and possibility of recent histories, as celebrating achievement – especially for groups who have been marginalised within mainstream histories; as inspiration and models for future practice, to engage and contend with in numerous ways; and in themselves, as continuing to offer value and be worthy of re-exploration, discovery and staging.

Upcoming and Follow...

Susan will be speaking at the event Radical Voices Then and Now as part of the On Her Shoulders series at New School on Monday 3rd April with staged readings from women playwrights of the period including Jane Arden’s Vagina Rex and the Gas Oven See

She is also attending the League of Professional Theatre Women’s annual “Big Mingle” Gala from 6 to 9 pm on Fri 31 March

To donate to Unfinished Histories please go to

Unfinished Histories archive collections:

Suffrage Arts and Others -

Thousands of Noras: Short Plays by Women 1875-1920 co-edited by Sherry Engle and Susan Croft - you can buy it here as a printed book or for kindle or ask your library to order it!

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