Thursday, May 22, 2014

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place - May 22nd 2014

Dixon Place presents...

"Salon Lounge at Dixon Place"

a monthly showcase of performance/literature/film-video by women

an International Women Artists’ Salon series

Thursday, 22 May 2014 ~ Host: Nancy Faith Anello

Literature - Aimee Herman


Aimee Herman, a Brooklyn-based poet and performance artist will be untangling the knots of hair on the body through poetic narration. What is the language of hair housed on a body. If it could speak up, what might it say?

Aimee's poems are in Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics (Nightboat Books), in the full-length collection, to go without blinking (BlazeVOX books) and

Dance - CocoMotion

Waaking dance piece

Dancer, choreographer, teacher and all around dance avide, Christina, aka Coco Motion began dancing at a young age, taking classes in ballet, jazz and African. This passion later continued as she went on to major in dance though out college. Currently, she is the assistant to Princess Lockeroo who teaches waacking classes at Broadway Dance Center in midtown Manhattan. Coco Motion recently won the Rep Your Style World of Dance competition in the waacking category.

Theater - Siobhan O'Loughlin

Excerpt from Natural Novice

Natural Novice is a solo show written and performed by Siobhan O'Loughlin, in which she tells tales of female body hair through her own perspective, as well as the perspective of 6 other women she's interviewed. "Charming." and "Hilarious."--MD Theatre guide. Currently performing at Paradise Factory through June 8th.

Siobhan O'Loughlin is a writer, performer, and activist from Salisbury, MD, whose solo shows have toured internationally. In NYC, she continues her life of performance art, puppetry, song stylings, storytelling, occupying Wall Street, writing endless theatrical musings on the backs of receipts, and working a thousand day jobs.

Video - Aima Saint Hunon

« Oh LALA ! »

In the ancient time, the sacred was adorned by féminine forms and attributes. Nature and woman belonged to the magical world of wave and the force of life. The Lala are the 8 enchantresses of this world. They express the holiness of their bodies and their heart in the magic poems, performances and art work.

Aima becomes involved in the pursuit of forms and curves revealing a sensuality similar to her own inner being. Very touched by the expression of femininity, this artist leads us into a universe where women become goddesses, where erotism flirts with purity. Always in search of expression, Aima establishes a direct relationship between the sensuality of the world in which she evolves and that of her own body, staging them in a series of videos, and photos.

International Women Artists’ Salon
is a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural global organization of women making art in the world today.

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Thank you to Dixon Place and staff, Maggie Cousins (logo), IWAS volunteers

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