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Member Spotlight: Performance Artist Valerie Hager's Theatrical Production, "Naked in Alaska."

International Women Artists' Salon is pleased to announce Salonista Valerie Hager in her solo exhibition "Naked in Alaska."

Naked In Alaska

Dixon Place

Saturday, April 27th

10 p.m.

Dixon Place. 161A Chrystie Street, New York, NY. (between Rivington and Delancey)


Before stepping into the 120- seat main stage theater. The Dixon Place Lounge is open before, during, and after the show. It’s also the same location as the theater itself. This will be a place where Salonistas can grab a drink (both non-alcoholic and alcoholic) and connect after the performance with each other and other audience guests. Proceeds directly support Dixon Place’s artists and mission.



ONE NIGHT ONLY! April 27th 10 pm.

161A Chrystie Street, New York.


stars in her autobiographical story of an exotic dancer searching for redemption in strip clubs from Mexico to Alaska to California in NAKED IN ALASKA.

NAKED IN ALASKA premiered with a sold out house in the 7th Annual Women at Work Festival 2012 held at NYC’s Stage Left Studio. Laurie Lawson, Theatre Critic for Off-Broadway wrote, “Utilizing much humor and some very impressive pole dancing, the story unfolds as Valerie combines vulnerability and honesty with the survival skills needed to navigate the murky world of strip clubs and private party rooms…You will root for her indomitable spirit and celebrate the triumph of Valerie Hager in NAKED IN ALASKA.”

NAKED IN ALASKA was BEST SELLER in last years 13th Annual EstroGenius Festival 2012 held at TBG Theatre. And, most recently NAKED IN ALASKA was accepted into a New Works Series in Paris, France.

This 70-minute show uses a stripper pole, archival video, and rock hits to take the audience on one magical ride! A young woman on the verge of eviction. A best friend who offers an adventure she can’t refuse. A ten-year career that tests the limits of friendship and the will to survive. Naked In Alaska is the true story of Valerie Hager’s career as an exotic dancer in clubs from Mexico to Alaska to California. Told with live pole dancing and over a dozen characters who danced in and frequented these clubs, Naked In Alaska is a fearless look at the objects we make of ourselves to fit in and the buried truths we must face to have a chance at coming home.


Valerie Hager is a "not to be missed” (NoHo LA) actor, improviser, and movement artist. She’s appeared in Warner Brothers’ The Invention of Lying, Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia, Discovery Channel’s Guilty or Innocent.

Her recent theatrical performances include Dracula at Symphony Space, The Ensemble Workshop at The LAByrinth Theatre, and a sold out run of Naked in Alaska. Valerie performs in Selected Shorts at Stage Left Studio, and The Room’s Salon Series, which she co-founded.

Naked In Alaska, has been accepted into Emerging Artists, Planet Connections, Women at Work, Estrogenius and Dixon Place. Naked in Alaska was recently invited to perform in Paris, France and The Acorn Theatre in Cornwall, Scotland.

Valerie studied acting with Ivana Chubbuck, Tony Greco, Karen Kohlhaas of Atlantic Theater Company, and Cinda Jackson. She is a graduate of the LAByrinth Theater Master Class.

Valerie studied improv at UCB, The PIT, and Second City. She began performing as a child alongside her father, mime artist Jerry Hager, as his sidekick Punky the Clown. Her earliest training came from him in the form of mime. Later, she trained in mime under Rick Wamer at The School for Mime and Lorin Salm at Mime Theatre Studio.

Artist Statement

I wrote Naked In Alaska because shame, self-esteem, and self-forgiveness have been themes throughout my life that came to a dramatic head during my time as an exotic dancer. Upon leaving exotic dancing and reflecting upon my experience, I saw this period of my life as a rich context through which to address issues that women struggle with in all walks of life: worthiness, friendship, loyalty, forgiveness, and finding a place in oneself and in the world to be whole. I saw Naked In Alaska as an opportunity not only to inform and demonstrate the courage to reveal my own truth but also to honor the experiences of so many other women and open a door for them to connect with their own truth.

Naked In Alaska is dedicated to the outcast, the forgotten one, and the star that shines inside each of us. I believe Naked In Alaska has been and can be a source of inspiration and hope for all those who’ve ever felt different, alone, or on the fringe, and long to be included.

I am passionate and proud of Naked In Alaska and feel it would be an incredible honor to share my story with you!

"Valerie Hager is the real deal: stunningly beautiful and even more stunningly talented. Evocative characterizations and a compelling personal story combine in a finely executed piece of theatre. Go, just go."
Jen Thatcher - Producer, Estrogenius Festival

"As a performer, Valerie is luminous. As a writer, she is fearless. Naked In Alaska highlights her talents in both fields, and the result is theater that is equal parts gut wrenching and inspiring - in other words: theater that is not to be missed." - Molly Pearson, Co-Artistic Director, Partial Comfort Productions



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