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Member Spotlight: Visual Artists Kristen Reed and Maggie Cousins - "The Shift: Art & Spirit"

International Women Artists' Salon is happy to call attention to a group exhibition currently up at Knox Gallery,
The SHIFT: Art & Spirit. The show is curated by Salon member Kristin Reed and features fellow Salonista Maggie Cousins.

The SHIFT: Art & Spirit 
at Knox Gallery

Artists Speak Thursday 22 March featuring Paula Overbay, Nate Ladson and Kristin Reed speaking informally about there work in the gallery with refreshments and audience dialogue

Thursday March 29 Artists
Speak featuring Karen Fitzgerald, Diane Davis and Shirley Taylor

Friday April 13 

Closing reception featuring all artists Maggie Cousins, Karen Fitzgerald, Diane Davis, Nate Ladson, Kristin Reed, Paula Overbay, Atanaska Tassart and Shirley Taylor

Time(s) 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Knox Gallery, 129 West 129th Street just west of Lenox Ave.

Closest subway is 2/3 to 125th Street—walk four blocks North, turn left on North side of street

“THE SHIFT: Art & Spirit” 
opens at the new salon-style KNOX Gallery in West Harlem 
From 9 March – 13 April 
a group of 8 artists selected 
for their use of abstract light and color to conceptually explore 
energetic dimensions of human consciousness. 

Knox Gallery, Harlem’s newest and most stylish art salon, opened in December 2011. Located in an elegantly renovated townhouse on a quiet residential street, art collectors, visitors and art enthusiasts warmed the space throughout the holiday season into the New Year. Over the next twelve months, Creative Director, Al Johnson, will bring in a host of impressive guest  curators, and the gallery is now on its third installation —

THE SHIFT: Art & Spirit, an exhibition, curated by Kristin Reed, whose artists explore the non-physical realms of consciousness and the space in-between our ordinary reality and the abstract blueprint of alternate realms-— paintings based on simple mathematical principles and processes that reveal a profound order existing on the archetypal planes. 

At the opening on 9 March special guest RaShu Aten will play Sacred Healing Gongs. Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind with the intention of bring them into a state of harmony and health.

THE SHIFT: Art & Spirit opens on Friday, March 9th, 2012 from 6–9 pm with a reception for participating artists: Maggie Cousins, Diane Davis, Karen Fitzgerald, Nate Ladson, Paula Overbay, Kristin Reed, Atanaska Tassart and Shirley Taylor. There will be a closing reception on Friday April 13th from 6–9 pm and “Artists Speak” events will be on Thursday evenings March 15, 22 and 29th during the show from 6–9:00 pm. For a schedule of these events visit

To R.S.V.P. for openings and other events: 646.963.0498 or

Artist Bios:

Kristin Reed graduated from Massachusetts College of Art with a BFA and from Pratt Institute with an MFA. She has worked as a photo journalist, travelling to Central and South America and is a freelance commercial graphic designer in NYC. Kristin has painted several large public murals in NYC and Long Island as a member of Artmakers Inc. And she was the subject of a documentary film “Firmitas per Populum” during the making of a 30 x 80 ft. community mural in Erie PA. The mural by the same title was commissioned by the Erie Art Museum, the Erie Public Art Committee, and funded in part with a grant from The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation. Several of her murals can be found in Braun-Reinitz and Weissman’s On the Wall, Four Decades of Community Murals in New York City. Her work travelled for two years in the show “The Realm of the Coin” with the
Smithsonian Travelling Exhibitions program (S.I.T.E.S.) to major museums around the country, including The Queens Museum of Art in NYC, Her work is in MoMA as part of the Hand-to-Hand “On Enemies” collection. Currently she has a studio residency award from at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. In addition to her artistic career, Kristin does hands-on energy healing work, frequently traveling to Central and South America working with a humanitarian group, Healer2Healer, who collaborates with indigenous Maya and Amazonian populationsdoing acupuncture and Reiki clinics.

Maggie Cousins describes herself as an artist and visual communicator who expresses her vision through pen and ink as well as digital drawing. Maggie’s work combines her strong spiritual connection to the Earth and the universal energy that is within us and surrounds us. Her current pen and ink drawings invoke both macro and micro representations of birth, destruction and rebirth, continuing her interest in strong visuals and spiritual themes. Maggie graduated as a graphic designer from Bournemouth College of Art and Design, Bournemouth, UK. After selling her highly successful design and branding consultancy in the UK a few years ago, Maggie went back to her first love, drawing. In 2006, Maggie was nominated and accepted as a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Since moving to New York in 2007, Maggie has shown at Art Gotham, Chelsea and in 2008 Maggie was selected as the only painter to be shown at a UK/US creative excellence event at the Rainbow Room, Rockefeller Center. A British Consulate event attended by his royal highness Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. She has also shown at the ArtExpo NY and LA, Leslie Lohman
Gallery NY, Climate Gallery NY, Queens Museum of Art NY, Fizz Gallery UK, Fusion Gallery UK, ABC Treehouse Gallery Holland. Her work is held in many private collections in New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, London and Milan.

Artist Statements:

Kristin Reed “In practicing ancient healing modalities and art I began to see  the world as energy… to experience a shift in the way I perceive our planet and its place in the cosmos. This has changed my art, bringing it closer into abstraction and harmony with light forms, sacred geometry and color. This was the inspiration for finding other artists making this shift, and curating this exhibition.” “In microcosms and in macrocosms there are huge interstitial spaces.
It is in these “in-between” places—where we normally cannot perceive being—that there exists an energetic fluidity of movement. Chaos encounters harmony. Moving back far enough or moving in close enough, patterns form and the architecture of life appears. It is here that we connect and interconnect, dancing with all existence. Internally and externally our bodies an uls churn in constant life-seeking motion. Only when we are completely still is this observable.”

Maggie Cousins “I created this work in response to the spiritual shift that’s happening to us all. Capturing cause and effect, how not being there affects being there, and how what we don’t see creates what we see. The space between the space—lost moments held in that space, the illusion between past and present, then meeting now. It is the universal that everyone experiences and can relate to—things coming together, and things moving apart, sometimes in succession, sometimes all at once. How, as individuals, we are all connected to each other through time and space, how we move through that space and our relationships to one another, interwoven even when we are not aware of one another’s presence. When that space begins to shift, crack or breakdown we can enter new and uncharted landscapes and make them our own. At the core of everything, taken back to a cellular existence, is the world and everything in it made perfectly beautiful in that one moment. In that simplicity, when we no longer conform to the norm, those boundaries that constrain and contain us are no longer there, that is when the impossible becomes the possible. Limitless possibilities of who we might become in this spiritual shift.”



Visual art plays a significant role in the healing and flourishing of humanity. Artists are capable of testifying to the deepest truths of the human experience and its many overlapping layers of being and consciousness. The visual arts accomplish this through an ability to portray honestly and intuitively all aspects of human experience. Art has always had the prophetic power of imagining new
modes of being in the world beyond the physical realms.

The artists in this show explore the non-physical realms of consciousness and the space in-between our ordinary reality and the abstract blueprint of alternate realms. They are moving toward a new understanding of the world as an energetic totality that focuses on the heart-centered—mirroring human consciousness in the world around them at this extraordinary moment in Earth’s history. On the surface things may appear somewhat foreboding for humanity, however, there is also much cause for hope. There is a massive spiritual awakening and a connecting to higher cosmic frequencies. Growing numbers of people seek the path of self-awareness and a more meaningful purpose in life. New communities and social structures are arising based on principles of partnership, co-creation, cooperation and sustainability.

There is a renaissance of natural healing modalities, art, and music. It is the quality and intent of our consciousness that will determine the direction things will take. The universe is made of energy and that energy takes form through the thoughts of those that participate in the world. Our consciousness is our energetic contribution. The world we are experiencing today is the result of our collective consciousness. If we want a new world, we will need to co-create it.The artists in this exhibition are working toward this “shift” in consciousness. The work presented here offers unchanging principles in a rapidly changing world and opens us to the oneness of all things. The purpose of this exhibition is to showcase artists as they help attune human consciousness to the harmony of universal order, paralleling scientific advances in the 21st century. The work
here is based on simple mathematical principles and processes that reveal a profound order existing on the archetypal planes. This order emanates from source and opens us to a state of harmony that exists beyond space and time.
May Peace Prevail on Earth.

Kristin Reed

Festival/Sponsor: Al Johnson, Creative Director at Knox Gallery

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