Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Member Spotlight: Nicole Zaray's One Woman Musical Show "A Woman Alone" in New York City on Sept 9th

International Women Artists' Salon is thrilled to announce member Nicole Zaray's performance in her One Woman Musical Show "A Woman Alone," Friday, September 9th at 7:30pm at The Dixon Place Lounge, NYC. Admission is FREE!

Welcome the FALL
with a night of music with

7:30 pm

a one woman musical show
Nicole Zaray

Get ready to challenge your preconceptions of pop and American Songbook. Nicole Zaray guarantees you some bizarre hooks tonight. This is a musical journey through various existential modalities of solitude in the city. Within her set of quirky, feminist, jazz-influenced experimental songs, Nicole delivers catchy choruses and weird piano phrasings (while dancing) and illustrates the particular loneliness of the urban environment of our time, while providing brief analyses on how it makes perfect sense that we have all arrived here. This is funny, memorable, and definitely a new form of one-woman-cabaret. Think Almodovar meets Laurie Anderson. Loneliness never seemed so interesting.

Photo: Eva Mueller

161A Chrystie Street NY NY 10002 212-219-0736
F R E E.

Music, vocals, keyboards and music production by Nicole Zaray.
Visuals by Eva Mueller and Nicole Zaray.

Nicole Zaray Brief Bio:

Nicole Zaray is a vocalist, songwriter and producer. She was born on the LES, was raised in Brooklyn and studied at Barnard College. She studied classical piano for 10 years, but was greatly influenced by stride piano players Fats Waller and James P. Johnson when no one was looking. Her solo music work has been presented at PS 122, the Roulette Concert Series, and the SuperCoda music series. Dedicated to studying the evolution of ‘The American Songbook’, she was commissioned by The American Music Center to write about American film music history. She was featured vocalist on Moby’s CDs “Feeling So Real” and “Next is the E” (Mute/Elektra); and starred in the eclectic scifi flick “The Sticky Fingers of Time” which premiered at the Venice Biennale, played over forty other festivals, and was released worldwide.

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