Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Member Spotlight: Cornelia Jensen 2X2 Closing Party‏

Come for a Sunday afternoon of music and art...

2X2 exhibition closing party
featuring a performance by legendary musician song writer Miwa Gemini

Sunday August 8th from 3-7pm
Windows Gallery
1303 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, NY

Art on display by:

Camille Altay
Mark Enger
Matt Enger
Eric Holmes
Cornelia Jensen
Michael Jensen
Rebecca Michaels
Kevin Wellech

The name 2X2 refers to the theme size of the wall art, two feet by two feet, and the relationships between the participating artists. The artists include two couples and two pairs of siblings. It will be interesting to contemplate the similarities and differences between the pieces created by people in such close relation to each other. There may be apparent convergent or divergent evolution between people’s personal expression. We may notice the power of influence whether it is inspiration or reaction. These very close relationships represent the first, most basic level of community and how well it functions. This can then remind us of the functioning of community as a larger phenomenon.

See link for photos of exhibition art

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